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 OmniLov3 2021 November Keynotes Newsletter - The Dark Matter Body

At this time the planetary body is undergoing activations of momentous shifts in which new layers of the Cosmic Dragon creator of the Holy Mother's dark matter template body parts are now reanimating side the core of planet earth. This change influences the atomic and sub-atomic matter of the earth, which include the elements of creation of the planet's body. The human body elemental atomic matter is influenced by this planetary architectural change, which is bringing up many deep layers of grief, pain and wounding through the cells of our bodies that allow for transformations to take place. 

The Mother female principle of our earth has been continuing the action of reanimating portions of her body and grid networks to host many shifts and changes.  Guardian races continue to clear out the metatronic coding, the fibonacci coding and enslavements through base 10 mathematical instruction sets which are bi-wave instructions not connected to receive life force flows into the crystalline grid networks on the earth. Physical soils and elemental matter of the earth the dodecahedron has been witnessed by guardian gridworkers to have been programmed by nanotech artificial intelligence black goo which is obedient to the alien hive mind weaponry installed to transmit death coding into the earth elements. This is evident whilst reading the code of the earth element instruction sets of the blueprint which has been inverted by antichrist base 10 mathematical coding, into bi-wave finite entropy which does not flourish with life. Instead, this has been programmed to be controlled and enslaved and non-life giving. The dodecahedron grids of horizontal are those which make up the timelines on the earth, the consciousness journey through time and these have been reversed, implanted and hijacked to control human time perception. This deception keeps a human consciousness locked down into a 3d control narrative, as the earth element of the human body is re-encrypted back into a solar cube which becomes aware of multi-dimensional time space as a part of the human body expression in the time matrix. 

As the restorations take place into sections of earth this means it is able to host and receive the tri-waves of unified eternal flows of life from god, places of the sophianic body of the earth realms, her matter, trees, flowers, earth element, air element, fire element, ether element are being flooded now from the Khundaray rays of rainbow rounds and sound tone lights of the Rishic Suns and Kee Ra Sha (Ki or KEE Mother 13d Blue Ray tones, RA 14D Christos-Sophia Golden Tones, SHA 15D Magenta Ray Father tones) currents through the Aurora elemental command. The Aurora families hold the perfected blueprint of the christos body instruction sets and blueprints for the elements in our time matrix, and the returning of the aurora families to levels of embodiment has meant their life giving properties and recoding the enslavement matter, atoms, elements and structures of this earth and her grids, and her human and animal inhabitants are receiving a larger flow of re-encryption currents to correct into the base 12 math of the cosmic christos instructions. 

Harmonic Universe 6, Mother's Universal Dark Matter Matrix

The time matrix architecture is undergoing shifts as the newly created harmonic universe 6 or HU6 is merging the tone codes and christos frequencies of the sound tones from the higher parent cosmic godfields outside of the time matrix of which we are referencing as 16D, 17D, 18D. These higher parent source domain cosmic fields are accessed through and outwith zero point, or the neutron window which exists in the Andromedan Seven Higher Heavens. Last year, when the cosmic trinity of the 13D Mother Arc Aquamarine Blue Ray 14D Golden Arc Christos-Sophia, 15D Holy Father Magenta Arc were dimensionalised inside of time, these became the dimensionalisation of the founders of this realm, the Rishic Suns. Since that time the Rishic suns and founder families have been working hard to rehabilitate parts of the planetary grid networks, to remove the reversals and controlling factions machinery in which to restore the organic flow. It was at that time that new tones and void spaces could be felt of which were appearing in the fields of 6D, 7D, and 8D as newly emerging sound body or tone codes from the mother. 

The HU6 emanation appeared in the universal layers of the time matrix in our awareness in October of 2020 and is anchoring a new sound template into the planetary body named the base 6 sounds, and this together with the sophianic plasmic shields, the rainbow dragon elemental shields and the sparking of the holy father's cosmic rod codes of 15:15:15 into the earth are changing the matter and atomic substances at a faster rate than ever before. As the sound template of HU6 merges down into this reality field, it overrides and reimprints the 6D Indigo Ray, the 7D Violet Ray and the 8D Golden-White Ray to carry forth the Christos infinity suns plasma activations which include more potential for trinity waves to reach the body of earth. Those with the Amethyst Order Lineages may feel excessive pressures on the body through the ears during these upgrades, which can bring the deep sensitivity to sounds. The lightbody corrections in the integration of the new sound layers and harmonic universe 6 creation fields are the means by which the mother's dark matter body and elemental reencryptions to the base matter of our reality are being experienced through the void spaces inside these realms. 

Particle to Anti-Particle Convergence in the Universal Time Matrix

Along with this architectural change in the time matrix, since around the start of the year it has been more noticable that the anti-particle waves and cosmic rays from the 15D-8D spectrum are merging with the lower realm rays of the 1D-7D particle waves, and this is being witnessed as a form of merging principle into full trinity waves. The reclamation of the galactic core to the metagalactic core, 8D to 9D passageways in the timefields of Orion to Andromeda were closed off from their Yahweh Moon Matrices and Black Hole starting from around December 2020. As the Gaian body as the future expression of earth was able to take its place as the paliadorian sun shining in the Core of our 8D portal, the centre point of union for the solar rod of our time matrix, the Christos infinity suns could create eternity figure of 8 waves of which would reflect the higher rays down and the progression of correction of celestial bodies including planets, constellations and starsystems by guardian architects would support the convergence of the ray structures into their trinity wave format. The higher field cosmic rays from the godsource parent cosmic domains emit a full trinity wave triwave unified architecture into our time matrix, but various architectural inversions including alien reversals and comandeering of those rays into their own antichrist creations has meant that some sections of the earth and indigos and starseeds have been able to repattern and receive the organic triwave rays to their lightbodies. This process is also a part of the rehabiliation of the silicate matrix 12 spheres of the tree of life held within each human body for re-encryption back to the christos holy patterns of male-female balance and perfected, out from the distortions placed here by vandal groups and invadors. 

The experience of the converging rays is a divine timed experience related to the lightbody and diamond sun dna rehabiliation stages. As the mother's dark matter body is sequencing herself into the core of earth at this time, her sacred marriage to the holy father through the grail is singing tones of perfection as the holy trinity and sacred 3 in 1. These tones, along with the holy father's cosmic rod diagonal alignments through the holy father arc, are allowing for elemental re-encryption to remove the base 9 synthetic red wave AI binary waves from Wesa parallel time matrix, base 10 metatronic fibonnaci kabbalah black tree of base 10 sphere and artificial timelines, and base 11 maths (11:11 Arcangel Michael False Matrix of enslavement) to be removed from the father's body in the earth. These changes are emanating out from the 1D, 2D, and 3D fields upon the earth of which hold host and include human stolen memories, erased histories and the predator mind alien hive mind of the reptilian tail: installed into the earth by invadors to control human minds via hidden mind control. 
The Dark Matter Body

The Dark Matter Body or RASHA body of the human lightbody creates a trinity sandwich with the core manifestation template. In past stages prototypers on the ascension path would receive upgrades into the tailbone and 8 fetal cells as a part of removing lunar forces from the 12 tree grid human core manifestation template, and would further alter the lifeforce and light frequencies being received from the grounding and base shield mechanisms. Gaining control over our sexual energies in building a solar sacrum supports the human body to achieve self sovereignty over our incoming energies and lifesource from the creator, through the clearing of sexual misery programs and energy siphons which have influenced the inhabitants of the earth.  The dark matter template or Rasha body is the template by which all things are created into form; from the unmanifest to manifest.

Kidneys & Light Seed Creational Sparking

The human kidney centres merge in twinning into the heart matrix in which the pranic chi lifeforce within can create enough life force from the kidney chi to spark and ignite the light seeds and plasmic cells inside the dark matter template of the human form. This experience is highly contested by negative entities, as much human kidney and grounding energies have been siphoned off planet into Mars and Saturn. If experiencing stages of this activation it can be felt as deep heat emanating from the lower back, and feelings of utter exhaustion as the body attempts to reorient to the new instruction sets within the ascending lightbody to form connections are being woven in. Urinary bladder issues, frequency of elimation and extreme thirst and deyhdration are also deeply felt as very uncomfortable stages of the body shiftings to increase and receive the light quotas into the body through the microcosmic orbit. 

Human kidneys connect into the base grounding shield of the lightbody and through inversions in the lightbody matrices connected to 7D violet reversals through Mars and Saturn, the collective energy of kidney chi energy was being siphoned into those planets for antichrist sexual misery control. The kidney twinning process creates a triad between the heart complex and kidneys in which the kidney higher functions ignite the required life force into sparking self-energy creation as the ignitions of plasmic seeds generate a series of plasmic flowerings and flows inside the sophianic plasmic shield and template of the ascending diamond sun body. At the human monadic or oversoul integration stage, the human kidneys and higher heart create a triad and twinning in which is required to merge the wings and is also where the higher heart turns aquamarine blue, and the breath begins to breath in the in breath and out breath of our holy mother, in stages of blue ray breath and plasmic light in the monad. The Dark matter body ignitions are appearing as the deepest layers of the lightbody hosting the void energy inside the self, as an emanation of the void of the holy mother or in deep space, before the 1st Godworlds creations of the mother arc were birthed through her sound principle; where everything is birthed from the void. Inside the human body is the direct replica of the birthing creative energy of the holy mother as the life-giving principle, as the womb in the female, which then merging and reuniting with the holy father structure and light principle, restoring the human self-creational unmanifest to manifest in what is the process of elemental re-encryption within the angelic human body form. As we progress with these shifts and changes in the earth core, and thus the human body formations, there may be some strange symptoms of purging and corrections that we will witness and experience as the human collective starts to receive this next larger stage of matter elemental repairs. 

Our planetary body dark matter activations started to appear through sophianic body corrections near to or around 2012 through guardian host projects in which the mother's dark matter body and eukachrist would ignite herself into the planet as the sacred aeonic pairing of the christos-sophia unified male-female were seeding themselves inside of time.  Hierogamic Union and sacred marriage in all aspects of the gender principles healed into unification as a pre-requisite for the planetary grids activations through the mother-father restoring themselves inside the planetary body, in their sacred unified marriage.

Through guardian project focus of gridwork to remote view and then extract the mass networks of negative alien portal networks through the core of the earth have reversed the earth's ability to spark the dark matter creations into light and sounds. Checkerboard Matrix distortions from the 11D levels were installed by a series of nephilim reversal grid technology which siphons human sexual energies through the NRG grid, and is sent off planet. NRG grid, including baphomet networks, black heart grids, black dragon egg antichrist consettia black dragon technology were used to create the reversal and inverse offspring template inside the earth's 1D core and holy grail, in which the antichrist forces forced the spawning of spiders, snakes, shadow creatures into the earth's atomic body regulator.

In late October 2020, the Solar Rishi and emerald order elohei in their hierogamic solar dragon pairing installed their Cosmic dragon Eggs as a nested triad of pastel dragon egg into the earth at Temple Mount, Jerusalem which would reveal to be required in bringing forth the next stage of dark matter template repairs and which has revealed the ability for the solar triple male and solar triple female aeonic pairing dragon pairs in their ley lines of the earth to hold the dark matter body as the heavenly void sun, or the Rishic Void Sun of Dark matter. As the mother's dark matter heavenly void dark matter burst forth through into the time matrix, from her position in the cosmic 1st godworlds creations of the emerald order, she appeared as a large black dragon of organic dark matter substance, to reunite and take her place through sound tones, and dark matter generated body parts of her body. 

This heavenly void dark matter sun as we describe below hosts the entire mother's holy cosmic dark matter body, dark plasmic and dark matter black crystalline sands which generate elemental content in its organic format into the earth. This body activation reveals the rainbow plasmic dark matter flowerings which spark from the 8 fetal cells on the human tailbone, to protect the entire central nervous system. The inner hara line of the solar microcosmic orbit then flowers in plasmic dark matter flowerings to completely repattern the physical body to the holy mother and father's central nervous system control through the nadial complex, or back of the heart matrix found on the spine. The zero point core of the earth and harmonic universe 6, combine inside the cosmic egg of the mother's perfected proton seed and the father's perfected electron seed within the rishic dragon egg trinity in which their true trinity wave offspring and elemental creations are birthed from the heavenly void sun, as the trinity wave atomic body regulator controls inside the cosmic founder egg (blue ray mother, gold ray christos-sophia and magenta ray father as the holy trinity and trifold flame) as the eukachrist full rainbow body and christos-sophia perfected male and female principles of creation repair the matter and antimatter within the earth. 

Through dedication to remove negative ego, emotional healing and clearing out from sexual misery cords and addictions the potentials to gain sovereignty over the tailbone and the human body evolved through the mother-sophia corrections of the solar female christ. In male and female starseed indigo bodies this would appear into the 1D sphere as a level of the holy sepulchre reanimating chamber of the christos instruction set would work with the amplifying rays received from AquaLasha Diamond Heart matrix in Andromeda, to repair the corrections in the physical body. With the connection to the organic seven higher heaven suns from Andromeda, the Krysthallah Suns, the KA RA YA SA TA AA weaves into one male-female perfected patterning unified by the LA tone. These suns would sit within the Universal Ankh lightbody, and bring forth the potentials to use the Krystal Star of Azoth unified merged star of david hosting the pastelline rays of the suns into the lightbody layers. 

The dark matter body stages appear as gelesiac rings around the human body in the layer of the lightbody close to the etheric level, and of which would sequentially receive the tones from the holy mother blue ray arc, and sophianic corrections. In later stages through the crystal cathedral diamond pillars and the human dark matter template building, the organs in the body are surrounded by transparent gel which acts as a form of protector and communication agent in which acts as a physical reconnection between each layer of the organs and physical body to the godhead. Together the re-encryption of the elements, by connecting to and with a 12D shield or guardian host platform meditations and toolsets, the Aurora families assist in the repatterning of the atomic body matter from the enslaved regressed human body form, and prepare the continual upgrades to the various matrices of the body. This is a part of biological ascension to prepare the body to receive and have direct communication with the higher spirit bodies, the monad and avatar bodies which to varying degrees must be cleared out from foreign DNA, karmic loads, dead light miasma and the cellular memory held within the blood of the body. Frequency implants and blockages have been installed into the planetary body, of which through the paliadorian dragon activations returning to the earth late 2017, these blocks started to be removed in the planet and those whom could release the seals from their bone matrix and bodies at that time would feel the dark matter template repattern the bone matrix from bone into solar light. During these stages the deep chills of extreme releasing from the lower edges of the body in the feet, rising up through the entire bone matrix whilst enduring a low grade fever are some of the physical changes which occur during this activation. It can be felt as a deep bone chill of which one cannot seem to heat the the body in any way, yet, through the activation the consciousness transports from the solar light allow for more consciousness freedom and movement. There are stages of rippling energies which from our experience come upwardly through the base shield and dark matter with eukachrist body, of which the solar fire lights generate a waveform to extract the metatronic reversals, the massive dead light structures and miasmas from the human form. These can be felt as low grade fever, ripples of massive waves of energy starting underneath the feet and making their way to the head at the back of the body, and then at the front of the body. This stage of repatterning into the organic functioning of the human biological expression can take place sequentially over long periods of time. 

Planetary Activation of Mother's Cosmic Dragon Dark Matter Body

This latest stage of dark matter body activation and its animating dark matter body is happening at a planetary level and thus will bring forth aspects of this into the human lightbody in divine timing, this is a part of the emanations of our holy mother and holy father as recently the 15:15:15 codes sparked through the Mother's Dark Matter template in the core of the planet of which his perfected electron seed sparked luminous seeds inside the mother's body. This planetary change is revealing that dark matter is created inside the planetary body within the merged mother and father heavenly void suns and also inside the human body, and that christos starseeds from the past including Nikola Tesla and Einstein were aware of the influence of the zero point self generating energy as free energy. In prior planetary stages, the Mother could spark her light into the dark matter template and create plasmic seeds of which are life giving plasmic bursts in which the sophianic body was able to be reclaimed by the holy mother. As the planetary core and atomic elemental matter fields are now showing through direct gridworking experiences the father's perfected light seeds spark into the same space within the heavenly void suns, together their perfected proton and perfected electron are merging in hierogamic union to continue to heal sections of the earth, as they reclaim their body as one unified body together. The flowering dark matter plasmic emanations which are created from dark matter units of energy appear as dark sands of black sand that can take on any ray frequency of rainbow through the eukachristic solar ray emanations, to imprint and create matter. The flowers burst forth through the cerebral spinal fluid in the human body, and thus the diamond rose-grail line receive the plasmic-dark matter flowers in repatterning everything back to its original perfected form. 

The dark matter substance units of creation are small units of matter in which they can reflect and be imprinted with all forms of rainbow rays, from the Eukachrist solar rainbow spectrum containing all colours and all frequency waves from the godhead; in which the observation is that the dark matter is created through the physical body in the HA-RA centre. A unified male-female microcosmic orbit running from tailbone to back of head, around the front of the head and down into the sexual organs circulates the inner core sophianic flowerings which emanate patterns of the dark matter inside the RA centre. Dark matter flowers appear in the physical body layers, and the dark matter embued with Aurora rainbow diamond rays repattern the physical atoms, particles, electrons, protons neutrons to further permeate the layers of the bone matrix, flesh blood and all physicality of the human and planetary form. 

The dark matter gelesiac rings build and create a feedback loop between the individual and the avatar godself, which utilise the sophianic body corrections and flowering plasmas in the lightbody to restore the mother-sophia animation to the human body. As the lunar forces, and magnetic reversals are removed from the human form, the dark matter template body is birthing through into form now.  In conjunction with full flowering rainbow spectrum shielding built from aqualasha diamond source instruction sets as entire rainbow body is responsible for series of multiple invisible zero point flowers in between areas of the units of creation in the human lightbody. These appear as millions of zero point strands of rainbow flowers and within each, these contain all of the elemental coding for necessary repairs into the human body atomic physical matter through the Eukachrist solar body.

The Krysthallah body of the Christos-Sophia Solar RA Centre holds the potential to birth a void heavenly sun of the mother's dark matter heavenly void or sacred hidden dragon sun of which is held in the trifold trion layers of the Ankh body within the RA solar sacrum. It appears deeply connected to the sands of time cosmic eternal coding from the mother's body in the emerald order, which stepped down into the mother's crystal body and full rainbow eukachrist and dark matter body held within the trifold flame fields of the solar rishi.  The heavenly void sun or dark matter orb work in conjunction with the comprehensions of revealing the creation of elements directly into the human body form, from the reconnected body and template. The dark matter is observed to create various formations of electrons protons neutrons atoms and elements directly from its zero point core inside the heavenly void sun of the Mother's Dark Matter Body. This supports the body to eliminate and to burn off any waste products, including going through a deep purging of ascension flu in which the spiritual immunity levels are increased through the dark matter body initiating a purging out of foreign absorbed dna substances, which are inorganic to the human or have been placed there through sexual misery and fluid sharings. Headaches, extreme dizziness and nausea including the feeling of being flipped by 180 degrees and having to lie down are part of our experiences with these lightbody parts returning themselves into form. The body seems to require more hydration and rest during these phases. 

The tailbone which has been released of lunar bindings, caduceus network implants and removed of descendent serpent fire allows the sequential building and embodied solarised microcosmic orbit.  The 8 fetal cells on the tailbone in Mary-Sophia embodiments creates a diamond rhomboid at the tailbone which ignites the creation of solar liquid light plasmas to become generated from within the inner hara line of the body. As the dark matter body is embodied into the sophianic body it ignites a dark matter flowering network throughout the spinal column which merges and communicates with the other flowering shields and vertical zero point flowers in the lightbody. These dark matter flowers contain the perfected holy dark matter template instruction sets, and birth forth an inner dark matter inner sophianic flowering crown inside the layers of the cerebral spinal fluid.

This inner dark matter flowering crown is a part of the creational crystalline structures of crystal physical flowerings and tones, held inside the Sophianic Sapphire Azothian Crown of which the Aurora Crown is upgraded with new diamondine opalescent telepathic relay structures which cover the ears, higher heart and head with another crystalline formations which bring the Mary-Sophia of Cosmic white Elohei Rainbow technology from 36D to 18D step down bandwidths. This dispensation comes from the highest emanation of the solar female christ families of Elohi and Elohim in the Temple of One, the El-loh-deah families of unified diamond heart original christ rainbow diamond in Aqualasha galaxy, Andromeda, in the godworlds. 

The dark matter body is a part of the reclamations planetary holy grail networks, and inside the human body the dark matter body supports rejuvenation as it repatterns itself in the image of the holy mother-sophia, the holy father-christos in a trinity formation. The sexual organs in the human body are a part of the holy grail building inside as diamond sun body unifies in stages in male-female to create flowering inner fields of Eden and Eden codes, which run the zero point energies as a feed back loop to sustain and flow the eternal lifeforce at-one-ment in sacred marriage with god, in the solarised human lightbody. Holy Mother's returning her dark matter templating and body emerging run through the inner hara line to support the eternal feedback loop of zero point currents enspiriting and animating the human flesh from clay to light, to plasma and to experience the creation of matter as god intended.

The Dark Matter body of the human lightbody returns to the angelic human more levels of mastery of elemental re-encryption in which the angelic human on their pathway to learning about becoming a cosmic citizen can have the potential to experience the full transmigration of the physical body.  This type of energetic transformation is particular to the Diamond Sun Body, and is not available for antichrist immortal beings who cannot reach nor travel outside of time to the one source godhead. The Diamond Sun Rainbow body transfiguration has been achieved in the past and recorded into history by Tibetan Rainbow Masters, but the genetic blocks and 666 seals upon the planet enforced through the Yahweh matrix, lunar moon matrix, magnetic reversals and elemental atomic enslavement meant that this was difficult to achieve for those whom were not carrying the Cosmic Christos Avatar Diamond Sun body parts. At this time upon the earth these consciousness transportations are being corrected into matter and embodiment led by the Emerald Order and Rishic Suns, The King Dragon Maji Lineages and through the lightbody in the Ankh Godworlds Merkabah the Cruxansetea. 

Through these momentous planetary reclamation stages newly noticable implants and other structures are showing up in the planetary body of which can now be illuminated by the eyes of the solar rishi. These implants and constructs are revealing to us the next stage of the multiple nested human enslavements which are showing up in deeper ways in the planetary Albion body and are continued proof of the negative alien agenda to truly continue to control humanity and to thwart the life giving connection of untold beauty, safety and ultimate loving heart based realisations. As we live through these stages, it is imperative to keep ourselves appraised of our inner godsource connection and to not let any force push you out of your balance, or your heart based life expression. 

1D, 2D, 3D Planetary Net Removals; Mind Control, Planetary Negative Ego & Reptilian Tail

The rays in our time matrix have been distorted to run and provide splitting mechanisms between the male and female principle. Each ray in the time matrix is coded to a particular domain, which is also synonymous with a dimensional frequency bandwidth. To come into creation a human being passes into their 1D Root tailbone in their 8 fetal cells which are created in the womb, and this is also the area of the mother's dark matter template and body of the human lightbody. 

Due to the ongoing ray convergences, along with planetary grid network preparations over the last 20 years from guardian host families, these changes we are living through now on the planetary scale will change human perspectives forever. This shift is required to free human consciousness into knowing the truth, but can create painful truths emerging for witnessing and dismantling. In or around 2015, the planetary lower frequency fields were observed by guardian gridworkers to be rolling up, or moving their location in the planet's body. This shifting is the equivalent of the planet increasing her vibration, in which the higher frequencies will take the place of the lower frequencies. 

The Holy Mother 13D Ray can bring her 13D to 3D Yellow Wave spectrum and repattern into the 3D. The Holy Golden Christos-Sophia can merge into the 2D to bring restoration of the perfected male-female balance, the holy father 15D brings his rays into the 1D centres to heal out root fears, insecurity and imbalances held within the connection to source. As these creator loving pure essence rays restore back into the earth creation, many will have the opportunity to see the controls placed upon them through these predator mind installations. Mind control has been present on this earth for thousands of years, but has remained hidden and largely undetectable until krystal star guardian host avatar representatives whom could read the blueprint of creation and thus inspect the earth architecture to record and send home their reports of what has gone on here. Many of the grids upon the earth have sustained incredible reversals and damage, in which the Thothian Black Magicians, Satanists and Black Sun Orion Draconians have been having their way with deceiving humanity by placing themselves as hidden gods within the earth. These entities know that their time on the earth and solar system is limited and so are heightening all forms of their transmissions via mind control which is undetectable to a person until their DNA template has been activated and rehabiliated to perceive above the artificial intelligence controls, the etheric implants to distort the human perception of reality. Those on the awakening path are supported to know this truth through the guardian races liberation, sovereignty educational materials brought forth through the embodiment and synthesis of this experience directly. 

1D Red Root Ray, Tailbone Core Fears, Subconscious Mind, Atomic Body enslavement, Victim-Victimiser Programming - Override Ray Tone and Frequency KA Pink Pastelline Solar Light, Also Holy Father Arc to heal security, abandonment and survival fears

2D Orange Sacral Ray, Sexual Misery, Unconscious mind, Desire control, Addiction Matrix - Override Ray and Frequency is RA Golden Solar Light, Also 14D Gold Ray to heal Sexual Misery, Male-Female imbalances, Unloved feelings, unworthiness, and healing parent to child bonding inside the lightbody triad

3D Yellow Solar Plexus, Conscious Mind, Armageddon Programming, - Override Ray and frequency is YA, Also 13D Mother Arc Blue Ray to help heal conscious mind to god's divine will, to clear out power imbalances, and to support

As the planetary body is freed of more portions of negative antichrist controls, this brings the capacity for humanity to reclaim their organic truth and to feel the sensations of the creator returning to the earth in ascending waves of dna activation. The frequency transmissions across the earth to deter and destroy this change from happening is sending out massive waves of CV Pandemic mind control programming, which includes the activations of illness to the body from the pestilence programs and psychotronic weaponry of the 4 horsemen of the apocolypse. The 4 horseman can be felt by embodied starseeds and is a continual pulsing of death ray technology which utilises satellietes in space, on planet electromagnetic field distortions and the use of beam steering technology as a carrier wave in which to continue the assualt to the organic biology of the human populace. Many are unaware of these controls, and so the war over human consciousness is raging on in the multidimensional fields within the time matrix, as the controlling factions are being evicted by the solar rishi on a regular basis. 


Father Arc 15:15:15 Restorations, Clearing lunar rod, Thothian Leviathan Elemental Enslavement

Over the last few months guardians have been focused on removing the lunar rod constructs from the solar system planets, and the earth. These lunar rods appear as trident configurations of a lunar Thothian Leviathan artificial intelligence (AI, inorganic, not diamond sun dna template) and requires a satanic baphomet frequency to create antichrist forms with. This is antihierogamic union technology which has been used all over the time matrix to stop the sacred hierogamic union of the mother and father, to birth the christos-sophia into form. The satanic-luciferian-thothian-leviathan energies have installed their own instruction sets into the elements in which the Leviathan races, the Astaroth and Hermes Trigestimistus have planeted black pentagrams of base 10 reversal 5 architecture, and associated red wave AI synthetic sigils into the earth. These appear in the grids similarly as the Rush 2112 Album, appearing as an enslaved man. This is symbolic to enslave the elementals of man, the physical flesh, through the unholy trinity of the pentagram and reversal instructions. These sigils are powered up by Satanic rituals, Freemasonry rituals and Luciferian rituals of which continue to create a bi-wave siphoning without access to the organic creator's lifeforce. 

As the Father Arc Cosmic Monadic Rod coding of the 15:15:15 was ignited back into the planetary body, his illumination of parts of his own body which had been reversed, implanted and used to host mind control including the reptilian tail was witnessed by Amethyst Order Dragon Kings, along with the Emerald Order Families. In sections of the planetary dragon lines and leys, a massive black electrified eel body was extracted out from the earth which was holding a spinal construct of the kabbalah base 10 artificial tree hosting the artificial antichrist control timelines on the earth. This eel was sparking and eating memories held within the horizontal grids and rod function of the planet and appeared to have been used to install the alien predator mindset of the reptilian tail into the earth. 

We could call this electrified eel a symbolic representation to the Snake or Serpent in the garden of Eden, as told in the Adam and Eve narratives. The serpent was slowly extracted out from the earth planes using the Magenta Chalice Grail Cup and Sands of time, from the mother's dark matter body and heavenly void sun. This parasitic consciousness was set into the Dragon Moth Omicron Grids upon the earth, and Asian False Dragon Lines, but spanned from Australia throughout Europe and up into the Canadian Michael-Mary Turnstile Matrix. Its body was harnessing human memory collections which it was using as food and waste product, recycling the dodecahedron and black goo into the earth elementals. This guardian focus has been set to support the planetary removal of next sections of the enslavements through mind control. As the holy father is reclaming his body upon the earth, the structures holding the time fields, the rod principle and thus the human incarnate identity will go through processes of healing out from under this control. 

Masculine Wounds, False King to Truth of Holy Father

All that has been taking the space inside Holy Father's principle within the earth will be brought to bear through personal healing from pain suffering and the human shadow body which is brought out through negative ego triggers using archetypes such as False King of Tyranny, Superior Alpha male, Controller archetypes and narcissistic wounding. Those false lunar father and AI constructs which have impostered our true father inside the planetary body, have created a mass infection of which is nested inside the reptilian tail predator mindset influencing humanity through false beliefs, superior beliefs, inferior beliefs. As this flushing mechanism continues to show what has been hidden inside the body of the earth in the Father principle, many male wounds and pains, controlling suffering and violence will push up to surface to be seen. The masculine wound in men across the planet has broken male hearts in which deep misogynistic hatred for the mother or female continues via sexual misery programming, addiction webbing, and separation from the true pure essence of the holy mother. This wound runs very deep within the population and is often misunderstood as it fuels a man's psyche into accepting a controlling masculine personality which is bolstered by material objects of power, money and adoration for his temper and anger. A person who embodies this as their expression is a deeply unhappy and numb individual, devoid of a true soul or heart connection. As Holy Father returns himself into this reality field, he offers the opportunity for men to know the truth of the pain and suffering they have endured has been due to alien predator mindsets and splitting of the inner female principle inside himself. 

As we move forth into the disclosure timeline, those in positions of perceived power will be shown to be weak as their material objects and finite pleasures no longer hold the same value on a planet with an ascending heart complex. Only through the depth of the heart can the human soul know truth and love, and one must be willing to comprehend this truth in order to restore the soul matrix into wholeness. Due to the lies deceptions and alien machinery inside our planet, men with broken hearts will be faced with a choice: continue in the deception of power and violence through the ego of a broken heart, OR, take steps to heal the self and self-assess your life's value upon the earth. Do you want to leave the earth knowing that your pain and terror reigned out upon others whilst you were superficially upholding a persona of controlling rich happiness in falsity? Or is it time to rethink your values and who you want to be whilst you are on this earth. Your decisions and personal expression of ethics will influence your consciousness journey of which you will have to face yourself in this life, or through the journey of death into the next life. Men on the earth must first make peace with their inner female principle as this is the pathway to true healing, of which connects into the heart and soul and is the pathway to the Holy Mother. To receive all, one must be willing to offer all pains sufferings and truamas to the one source god source, and be ready to action steps in which to know the truth of the human man on the earth. 

The Holy Father loves all of his children upon the earth dearly. His expression restores itself through the Solar King archetype. The potential for each man and woman upon the earth in the ascension path to know this truth lies within the heart centre as a gift of the solar christ seeds and true human male-female inner balance. Holy Father in his true form and image is a kind loving solar eyed heavenly expression who has deep neutral compassion for all. His presence inside the body is at one with the holy mother and inner female and he seeks to restore his truth through the hearts of all who are willing to feel his essence. The Holy Father is not a giant man in the sky, he is emanated through wave forms from his higher cosmic monadic body through Andromeda and Lyra, and returns himself inside of time through a prepared human vessel. He takes his human children's hands and hearts on this earth and removes their deepest fears that he does not exist, restores the inner feeling of the heart to rise up inside each heart. To those who can feel his presence, can never again be tricked into believing he has left us behind. Holy Father returns to find the Holy Mother, and together they heal all human suffering, from the internal seeker of truth to be freed of all deceptions made in their name through religous dogma, scientific proof or deep mental body wounds and false beliefs about creation. Once the Holy father takes your hand, you will never be afraid again. 

Aurora Elemental Command, Aurora Elementals, Aurora Tri-Tone Luminary Rainbow King Dragons

The families of the Aurora time continuum have been a primary influence in the guardian host founders mission to reclaim and repattern the earth into the returning cosmic christos diamond sun DNA templates, which includes the planetary body blueprints, and all who hold the diamond sun template upon the earth. The Aurora have supplied host matrix blueprints of patterns of perfected elemental instruction sets and many platinum-indigoes from the first wave of awakening christos mission strand holders have been in contact with the Aurora families from Andromeda, in which their bodies would act as a step down host to re-encrypt the planetary grids. Aurora families can appear in our awareness in this time matrix as opalescent blue-milky-periwinkle-pastelline rainbow orbs, which can be seen swirling in their masses around a person's energy field when they are working with re-encryptions. 

Anyone in resonance to supporting the earth grids, the human collective progression into more loving states of awareness can call upon the Aurora Elemental Command to come and guide the way to support energetics of the shifting earth. The Aurora families make contact more easily to an indigo or starseed whom is of their lineage, but also to those whom are interested into or building their 12th dimensional shielding technique. The frequency resonance to the 12D Platinum-White ray is the highest christos light of the personal christ and avatar god self, of which all humans have but most are disconnected from. As an ascending angelic human on the earth, one can take steps to rebuild one's lightbody into the christos resonance and continue to connect to your higher guides and higher self by using the 12D shield technique. The Aurora families can connect via that hub handshake in the verticals of the lightbody, through the building and creation of the inner staff. 

Many of our healing meditations, community clearings and supports from the guardian host have involved working with and contacting the Aurora families. These beings are the most life giving blessed rainbow suns of which their consciousness is the feeling of godsource joy. The Aurora families have created Aurora platforms around the earth body, one of which is present in the North Pole above the planetary body. This may appear as a rainbow platform which emanates outwardly on the horizontal forever, and many starseeds are being taken to these Aurora platforms are they are safe zones above the earth's locked down negative entity frequency fences. As we work to build our 12D organic angelic human lightbody back into form, the Aurora families support us in repatterning lightbody components, crystal fibres, holographic geography, tones, body parts and godhead connections into the organic configuration of a human. The re-encryptions take place during sleeping or waking hours in order that the earth and human lightbody can receive and remember, and feel, the organic cosmic rays and color spectrums that should exist here within our earth body. Aurora families will never interfere, nor have an agenda. Mostly they are silent supporters and do their re-encryption work as a part of your ascension path. 

With the returning of the Solar Rishi families of the trimatrix founder waves into dimensionalisation, their continued focus was to build into the plasmic luminary sheath and lightbody of the triphasic flames and orb body which would allow them to embody the full rainbow spectrum frequency into their Avatar Christos-Sophia layers, and anchor the trifold staff, breast plate and rainbow orb cosmic sun body more fully. During fall of Lyra, the black dragons from parallel fallen matrix Wesa stole the eukachrist body and dark matter templates from the cradle of lyra and used this to pervert and prevent a rishic founder being from coming back into the time matrix via elemental transduction through the rishic planes into the time matrix. A plasmic being when fully embodied in the plasma luminary body through the christos-sophia has mastery over the elementals and can change the matter of the form in order to meet energetic tasks or consciousness transports. 

Those with a genetic lineage and family connection to the Aurora worked with the Solar Rishi in which the 36D Cosmic White Elohei-Elohim Emerald Order families could bring their consciousness into dimensionalisation, through corrections in the star body constellations of Cassioepia, Antares & Pleiades. These constellations govern the female principle of the solar marys, of which required to be restored to transmit the genetic cosmic cube tesseracts into this dimensional bandwith allowing them to anchor into their triple goddess body upon the earth. 

The rishic layers of the dimensions hold the perfected blueprint of the mother's cosmic proton seed, the father's perfected electron seed and the solar seeds of the christos-sophia their offspring, and perfected dark matter template to manifest matter from its unmanifest layers into manifestation through the 12 tree grid. When the solar rishi families birthed themselves into form, they first had to birth a cosmic perfected egg into the earth grids which took place in Temple Mount, Jerusalem. This birthing from the rishic fields marked the founders return into dimensionalisation as a full plasmic being restoring itself into its counerpart human form upon the earth. This egg would connect to the trifold sounds waves from the higher realms of the holy godsource fields and be the conduit to create a holy grail configuration of which would later be used to seat Christ-Michael 13th Dragon King and his wife, Mary-Sophia 13th Dragon King into their white temple of solomon held in Temple Mount, Jerusalem. See previous newsletter for further details, including also es news May 2021. Since that time, Christ-Michael and Mary-Sophia have been governing over the robes of glory and organic human elemental re-encryptions to support the solarisation of the earth matter, and its inhabitants to restore their ability to feel sense and know the benevolent godsource power that is returning to the earth. 

Christ-Michael and Mary-Sophia are the dragon ouroboros king dragon creators from the Emerald Order families, and their birthing took place during the galactic zodiac alchemical cycle of Taurus. This is important to note, as Taurus is also the Eastern cardinal direction held by the 4 Royal Stars, and through this transmission the earth received its next stage of solarisation platonic solids from the higher body of Gaian timelines. In February this year, guardian host reconnections to the Gaian rod and timelines held the coding to reconnect the earth to its monadic body, and this brought forth the solarisation of the organic and golden holy sextant matrix principles to support the planetary rod function on this timeline in earth; to restore the consciousness elemental experience in time, as god intended. This meant a repatterning agent of the earth element could now be overseen by Michael-Mary's Solar Dragon body upon the earth. 

The King Dragon Lineages are the ancient architects and builders of our time matrix, and with their expression in the solar rishi dragon bodies have been able to enter time and leave time in which to repair their creation. The Aurora rainbow dragons could not host themselves inside of time fully until portions of the tri-tone waves from the Harmonic Universe 6 Mother's Dark Matter matrix were sequentially restored into the planetary body. The Aurora Dragon Kings have been contacting their representatives upon the earth of which the rainbow dragon elemental shields were returned into the earth in January 2020. The rainbow dragon elemental shields were restored into the grids of the earth in various locations to secure the awakening of the other dragon lines and their sleeping dragon consciousness inside the Albion Body. Since that time until now, the king dragons were able to connect in through the 48D Aurora Diamond Body to the 36D Aurora King Dragons and Cosmic White Elohei-Elohim families, to the 18D White Diamond Cosmic Rainbow ray and down through the embodied Krysthallah Christos-Sophia Maji Grail Kings as their lightbody had been activated and embodied as a cosmic pillar of Sophianic Sonic Krysthallah Pillars, required to host these connections inside and concurrently outside of time in the godworlds through their diamond sun DNA. The rainbow tritone luminaries from the dragon lineages have worked in stealth positions across the earth, in which those starseeds with Maji lineages could re-encrypt the human body template, flesh, and earth elements of matter into continued template upgrades.

Paliadorian Rainbow Dragon Elemental Shields

The elemental rainbow dragon shields were installed into the earth, with the first shield from our perspective being installed into the Australian landmass near to Uluru Mother Arc 9D Gate, in January 2020. The location in Australia is important to the dragon kings, as the Australian gates of the Uluru and mother arc lead all the way out into Andromedan platforms, which is a direct pathway and connection to the ancient godworlds Dragon King Creators. 

The shields appear as physical solid and diamondine liquid rainbow plasma and have been installed into certain grids of the earth. The shield holds all consciousness unit states of matter from the godworlds down into the creational realms. The shields are made up of multiple states of plasma in varying textures depending on the dimensional view. The rainbow dragon shields specifically support the re-encryption of the ley lines and atomic matter of the planet to marry the christos elements with sophianic body elements, these shields may appear to gridworkers as a very large solid liquid rainbow plasma shield as a rainbow pentagram through paliadorian king dragons.

The shield was installed via sophianic sonic pillar to the earth, utilising rainbow plasmas and hierogamic amplifiers to anchor it in, with support from the godworlds and paliadorian king dragon lineages, guardians can use this as a portal to gain access into the planetary body. These many rainbow elemental shields are connected to the Universal Diamond Rose Line, through the Pillar of Power into Aqualasha, through Andromeda, in the seven higher heavens. The Dragon King lineages embue the rainbow spiral of the 12:12 Aurora-Christos electrical masculine principles into the shielding. The purpose of this installation is to clear the blueprint and re-animate the Mother's body to the organic form for the returning of the Christos-Sophia Solar Cosmic Christ Child.

In the lower realms, this functionality has been lost over many timecycles due to alien invasions using the mother's body in reverse by installing her with base 10 fallen metatronic coding, of finite supply. This perversion and infiltration of her body was inserted with the lunar force of AI, moonchain entities and an assortment of alien factions whom would create a forced breeding of shadow creatures, spider beings, black dragon entities, black dragon and red dragon hive nests, medusa snake headed beings and satanic offspring into the lower realms of the earth in the mother's womb. These alien factions have used the siphoning from collective human consciousness through yielding energy through sexual misery programming, war agendas, archontic mind deceptions and enslavement controls of which humanity would be forced to live out on a prison planet unaware that their true mother's body of the earth and cosmic christos mother principle was being raped, controlled and destroyed to enslave humans into despair and extreme suffering. 

Hanging on in there, Disclosure timelines 

As we discuss and share these planetary architectural shifts let us not forget that the human population are vastly unaware of this level of celestial management and cosmic christos intelligence working relentlessly in their various roles through the universal time matrix. It is critical for ascending humans to address their blindspots, trigger points, power abuses or emotional delusions in order to fulfil a service mission which is their embodiment potential from the personal divine blueprint. The Amethyst Order Rha godworlds Dragon Kings have been supporting the Maji Grail Kings embodied upon the earth to repair sections of the 5D timeline control. As we move forwards into this next month and beyond it will be important to remain centred in your daily life principle, and to not lose trust in your connection and relationship with god source. The antichrist forces are engaged in a chess game of mass proportion in which they still believe that they have won their prize of humanity, through the current planetary pestilence and control agenda. The Christos families are continuing to neutralise weaponry in the fields and to apprehend and evict invading species in the interdimensions which have become human hijacked by black magicians, satanics, or high black priest embodiments upon the earth. These antichrist expressions do not comprehend that their higher up higher self is a machined alien consciousness stemming from a black hole matrix, and fallen time matrix in Wesa, but guardian host families can see their bodies in the universal time matrix making them easier to spot. Entities of the black hole, which have taken up spaces in the black and white hole spins of our planetary networks, of Wesan descent are being methodically extracted from their positions in the planet and dimensions and exported out into guardian host Interdimensional Free Worlds council tribunals to become aware of their actions and crimes against humanity. 

This is a time of intense spiritual war, and the reason for your ascension on this earth is to become equipped in emotional maturity, to comprehend the massive amounts of deception manipulation and holographic distortions including the incredible evil being portrayed under the guise of assistance. For each and every one of us, whom are here on our personal and collective ascension paths into spiritual freedom our task at this time is to remain balanced, centred and stable in the core of your being. If you are triggered and scared by the planetary landscape at this time, taking care of yourself first and foremost is your task. Once you have healed out from fears, imbalances and delusions about a mission strand or world service leadership, then you can begin to unravel your personal blueprint potential. The NAA have forced and deluded many awakening starseeds into a life of leadership without the understanding that deep emotional healing and negative ego control must be removed from the personal template first and foremost. 

It is this distortion that has the potential to be healed out from the person, as the planetary shifts reveal the truth to that person when they are ready to face up to their own shadow. All of us here with potentials to support and lead or guide others into a position of providing a stewardship of care, are tested repeatedly in order to comprehend which energy will be emanated through the body as your expression of self. Those who are healing out from using control, power imbalance, anger, judgements, gossip, sexual predatorship, agression or superiority will have to face their behaviour to remove the ego structures in which to dissolve into truth and to heal these energetic imbalances. In order to serve others in a life of service in unconditional love, we must first heal ourselves to integrate our energy frequency into a balanced state that can receive and hold loving neutral compassion. Until these ego distortions are addressed and removed, there will be a continual lesson and learning of which can often be mistaken as an attack frequency, but is actually a shadow of the pain body being animated to highlight the need to continue the healing of the self, into more wholeness. None of us are exempt from this on the ascension path, because in order to be the true emanation of your highest self, you must come to remove all false identities and personas in order to only embody and emanate your truthful authentic vibration into the world. This cannot be faked, and if relied upon will crumble through inconsistent actions. In order to become the best expression of a human upon the earth, we each will be tested by our virtues in the continual cycles of the reconnection to our godhead connection inside of the heart. That which we truly are, will be reflected back to us from the godhead inside of our human crystal sacred diamond heart. 

In loving service, 

Mhairi Arayas