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Krystal Star Codes

Artwork Note: Sequoia Arayas

In previous years, my artwork and consciousness codes were created and shared via the peacewalker site, futureagesage, the awakening stars gallery and several social media platforms including tumblr, but mainly through, and

These codes are a sharing of what I directly experience to be a living body of krystal star cosmic christ intelligence fields. They are presented as a means to accelerate the integration and synthesis of higher dimensional consciousness. They have been created for the express intent of aiding in the delivering an access to the living consciousness fields of the Krystal Star Guardian host fields to support the understanding of the evolution of humans & starseed lineages, returning to reconnect from here to source in multidimensional anatomy.

Lightworkers, starseeds, indigo families are welcomed to download and feel into the desired images as if gazing into a landscape allowing inner silence to unlock the instruction set that they contain. If these benefit you, I accept donations as a means of energetic value exchange.

Just viewing them will help to activate, clear, and align your lightbody. Each image below opens into a larger gallery of a selection of images.

The artwork images are not intended to be used in or as commercial projects or portrayed without a reference to me. 
For individuals who are benefitted by them, please respect and honor the gift, the intention behind their creation, & my own energy-time investment to share these for the ascension timelines.

Should you want artwork for your website or production you can contact me about custom art design at a very reasonable fee. I do this creational work as a means to express the heart essence of the christos-sophia to co-create for you, with your own inner core while also clearly knowing that value exchange is also necessary as it produces= a greater energetic integrity.   Contact me outlining your requirements : Artwork Creation Request