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Orion 8D Galactic Core centre emerges as a Solar Sun Body, December 2020

On the lead up to the Winter Solstice the guardian host were focused on removing massive constructs of alien machinery from the planets of Jupiter and of Saturn. Jupiter is the 6D Galactic Gate and holds part of the Indigo Ray principle. Saturn is the 7D Galactic Gate and Violet Ray holder. These planets were infiltrated by the controller forces in which guardian families observed secret space program bases and off planet human trafficking architectural constructs. Each planet has been used as a stronghold of human enslavement, infiltrated by alien racelines from the fallen universal parallel matrix known as Wesadrak. These gestalt collectives entities are known to the guardian host as Yahweh, Astaroth, Consettia Black Dragons, Draconian reptilians, Thoth-Annunaki, Jehovian Annunaki or White Draconian Elite beings. Our Universal time matrix was invaded through the 8D Portal in the Galactic to Metagalactic Core, leading from Orion to Andromeda. The 8D portal led into a black hole system, and contained multiple black sun bodies, black star Abaddon and an array of alien machinery which has infected the Universal time matrix and the Milky Way Solar System for hundreds of thousands of years. 

In December 2019 guardian forces started a large project to clear the 8th dimensional portal from the invaders, and in December 2020 the portal system was closed to the black hole entities and now is a sun solar portal system leading into the 9D metagalactic core seven higher heavens universes in Andromeda. The corrections to the portal system allow for the tri-wave Christos Infinity Sun plasmas to be received from the higher realms, and into the newly created 8D golden body. 


Angelic Human Gold 12 Strand DNA, Gold Body Activations

Within the last few years guardian host were able to recover and rehabilitate the original angelic divine human 12 strand DNA blueprint, which was a part of the michael-mary solar planetary christ heart twinning process, to build wings inside the human body. This template allows for the lunar to solar transfigurations in supporting the human body merge the male and female within. The recent shift in the galactic core and Orion planes has meant this activation is now possible as a potential for all humans in which they will have access into the 4 god worlds domains through an embodied template system of 12 strands. This additionally supports the 8D layer of the lightbody as it can now be in a fuller wave of solar light, from the 14D levels down into the 8D levels, expanding the potential to embody a golden fleece buffer of the lightbody as a solar golden ring or egg of light. The golden fleece buffer is part of monadic embodiment in which the golden fleece protects the consciousness transportation, for the movement through consciousness fields without sustaining damage from negative forces. The fleece is a highly specialised buffer around the monad, which when activated with the higher heart complex of the 8D layers and permanent seed atom or diamond heart, along with the RA centre of the ascending lightbody merges the 14D golden ray into the 8D and 2D layers. The buffer allows high levels of protection for the physical body whilst the consciousness transports into the ARC zones, undetectable by alien racelines.

The Central sun in the 8D core is receiving corrected rays from the Ursa Major and Pleaides as the Rishic Suns and Founders make correctional principles to the celestial bodies in the michael and mary galactic body layers, this creates further gender repatterning into the organic kryst-krysthallah alignments of the perfected gender. The law of structure from the holy father is transmitting these rays into the corrective principles with greater concentration of the ray frequencies than was available before. The human monadic triad of the 7D, 8D and 9D harmonics is supported through the changes in the galactic core, and bring monadic family alignments out from the Metatronic reversals of the Yahweh matrix which was the previous configuration of the portal.

The return of god's promise of ascension to all of humanity has been restored at this juncture, signifying the golden sun 12 strand DNA diamond sun template as the new ascension vehicle for all of humankind, in their pathway to restore the original angelic human to the earth. Angelic Humans are the original design by the godworlds creators of our realm.

Saturn, Violet Ray Holder, Rehabilitation

Saturn holds the Violet Ray principle of the 7th dimensional bandwidths making up the Solar System component of the Rays.

Planet Saturn has been used by negative aliens in which they reversed the violet plasma generator principle of its body.  It was hijacked and was used to send out full reversal violet plasmas and transmit to the earth in conjunction with the lunar force reversal and false dark alien mother principle. Saturn's body had been installed with a network of Caduceus black snake and serpent grids, lunar female gestalts, black plasmas, parasitic entities along with the Yahweh and Sextant matrix 666 quarantine seal, inorganic 4 pillars which all had a part in the constructs of Satanic Moloch tanks filled with human souls in blood sacrifice and Secret Space Program bases. The forced lunar reversals installed upon the planet's body would hide the gestalt beings of Yahweh, Astaroth, Set, Anubis, Thoth, allowing them to portal jump and hide the blood sacrificed humans and body parts that acted as a giant battery tank for their grid infections. This was used as a power source, in the inverted law of structure of the satanic constructs.

Unholy Trinity, Female Lunar Forces

In long term projects on Saturn Christos Gridworkers have encountered large volumes of Moloch tanks which hold the soul essences of those whom have been killed in Blood Sacrifice to uphold the Satanic architectural strongholds on the planet body. Additionally the planet was used to send out reversal gender principles through the constellation of Gemini, projections of Hades, Perspehone, and lunar goddesses as creating an unholy Goddess trinity (Satanic expressions of Lunar Female, Child, crone and Mother) as a direct anti-christ female principle. False Jesus holograms were also dismantled by the guardian host from being sent to enslave humanity with imposter spiritual visions. The alien love bite architecture of the black widow spider, and demonic antichrist seeds were being perpetuated out into the solar system from Saturn's enslavement and influencing planet earth and humanity. These alien installations are part of the false alien mother principle installed to the earth and solar system by the aliens who would attempt to destroy all knowledge of the true holy mother blue ray and mary solar, sophianic solar christ female principle. As the planet Saturn is undergoing rehabiliation by the Solar Rishis through the covenant of Paliador Dragon Kings, increased amounts of organic female principle are healing on the Earth auric layers, particularly in the 7D planetary brain crystal caverns, and ley lines and also the planetary female wing or feminine merkabah principle, held through the planetary Mary body.

Jupiter, Indigo Ray Holder, Rehabilitation

Jupiter holds the Indigo Ray principle of the 6th dimensional frequency bandwidth.

Massive gestalts of AI demonics in the grids of jupiter were used to enslave nephilim-michael hybridized bodies. As guardians rescued and recovered these bodies, the Indigo wave was able to be corrected by the holy mother 13D aquamarine blue ray of the antiparticle to begin merging into the 6D indigo ray particle spectrum frequency. Jupiter hosts the archangelic mind logos and arc of the gestalt principle of Zadkiel which has been personified on this earth through false ascension teachings of archangels.

Zadkiel serves as a masculine principle of creation which had endured damage and was forced into being an enslavement influence against the family of michael-nephilim. Zadkiel is a principle of the Blue-Indigo ray holder of the michael family. The indigo ray and the grids on Jupiter and the Zadkiel principle were controlled by the gestalts of artificial intelligence and blend hybrid beings of Astaroth, Thothian beings and Hermes Trismegistus demonic forces.  From the guardian perspective the earthly teachings of spiritual hierarchical enlightenment under the guise of Hermes, was used as an imposter christ teaching, leading to soul bindings into Jupiter reversal grids. Vast amounts of human soul body parts were rescued and recovered by guardians in which revealed the 12 strand DNA template of a Michael-Blue-Indigo Ray diamond sun core manifestation template.

In order for the earth to receive the restoration of the solar light transmissions in the centre of Orion, guardian families rehabilitating the planetary rays of the indigo and violet additionally removed large components of the beast machine, michael-mary ninja ray splitter, blue ray mother splitter and vesica pisces harnessing from the rays. Beast machine technology holds the planetary tilt at an inorganic angle, and is responsible for the mind wiping and removal of human memories from the planetary brain collective consciousness and logos. In the corrections the full tri-wave expression of the rays are now filtering down into the earth. The Indigo & Violet ray frequencies merge and create the principle of the rod or horizontal fields. However, the planetary body ley lines also receives these rays as part of its auric field corrections.

Each energetic structure in creation is a holographic fractal meaning that it contains a nested principle of itself, of the larger body or smaller body of which it is a part. As the rays from the parent source field of the 16D, 17D, and 18D are now the governing parent fields at the top of the universal time matrixn outside of time; the 13D-14D-15D founder planes of the rishi have been able to braid into the 10D-11D-12D Cradle of Lyra, and make their way down the dimensional and density bandwidths, through Ursa Major and the Pleiades constellation. The rays are continually repatterning the  bi-wave splits into the full tri-wave emanation of the god fields returning into the universal time matrix. The rishic founder planes carry the instruction sets from the godworlds blueprints, as the founder beings resequence themselves into the universal time matrix; they are supporting the returning principle of the full eukachrist rainbow spectrum of the Universal Mother's dark matter template, the unmanifest to manifest template. These corrections have influenced the 6D ,7D and 8D dimensional spectrums and their ray expressions into the wholeness of the Mother's sound tones and the organic reverbrations of sonar coding which pulses to be received by the planetary sophianic body in several layers.

Winter Solstice Alignments, Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus

At the end of December 2020, the bright planetary bodies of Jupiter & Saturn appeared together in the night sky. Together they make up part of the Michael-Mary element of the Solar System body architecture, in which their heart twinning through the 8D layers was completed to support the ray rehabilitations. Uranus acting as a unifier, hosts the 15D magenta father and the 13D mother blue ray in various configurations, as an emanation of the crown. At that time through the constellation of solar light through Ophiuchus, Uranus could step into its archetypal expression as a crown holder and unifier force which assists the removal of the descendant serpent fire transmissions from the masculine principle.

Demonic Force Evictions, Astaroth, Thothian Luciferian and Satanic Gestalts

The Solar Rishi are leading the great transit and eviction of large amounts of shadow creatures, fallen angelics, and various demonic hierarchies in unprecedented amounts of clear up on the planetary grid networks. The Demonic being known as Astaroth has been showing up in guardian projects on black star Abaddon, also in Jupiter and through the metagalatic core into the Orion constellations and also in planet earth as a reversed principle holder of the masculine. Astaroth holds the imposter expression of father sound horizontal rod tones and is being evicted as the holy father returns to his creations. In the face of the true Holy Father, the imposter spirit cannot exist in the same space. Astaroth is recognised as the demonic counterpart to the orion black sun entity groups. The removal and eviction of various massive entities hidden in the grids has revealed the Astaroth principle was a mixture of demonic force emeshed with artificial intelligence, and was hidden in the 6D Indigo and 7D Violet Ray spectrums, using the enslavement of michael family consciousness to reverse the rays and the rod principles.

The Astaroth force appears to use an artificial 5 pointed star installed into the grids, and acts as a reversal christ human adamic body templating and elemental control system being projected through bindings. It has used the 666 sextant matrix bindings to act along with the Leviathan-Baphomet Pentagrams in reversing the masculine atomic body elements. It is mixed with the Orion black cube supercomputer to create antichrist instructions for the matter in the atomic, subatomic layers of the elemental matter bases that earth is made from. These reversal geometric instructions are removed through guardian host planetary maintenance.

Pillars of Cosmic Justice, Kingship Arcs, Holy Father book of the Law

To usher in the planetary full cosmic disclosure timeline, which will reveal to humanity the presence of negative aliens and their involvement of crimes against humanity (including huge pedophilia networks, blood ritual sacrifices and large controller structures) the Rishic Founders & Amythest Order Rha Families of the guardian host have been installing the architectural supports to the planetary grid networks known as Pillars of Cosmic Justice. The Pillars and arcs are God Worlds technology accessible to use in the highest service through an embodied Maji Grail King, and govern the act to reinstate the Holy Father's book of the law to the planet. The Pillars allow the Amethyst Order Rha GodWorlds families to connect in and run the Father Laws into the grids, as part of returning the rod pillars of the holy father to the earth. These pillars were installed into the West Coast United states during the extreme fires of the Oregon Landmass, and were also amplified by King Dragon architectural elemental shields which support the elements of the planetary sentient consciousness to obey the laws of God, to dissolve or break satanic enslavement.

The Rha God world creation Amethyst Order Dragon Kings are embodiments of the Kingship Arcs & holders of this principle in the domains of creation. Within this intricate multi-dimensional structure is held the coding for corrected geomancy & the architectural patterns of perfection from the Holy Father God, where he transmits his compassion love and wisdom in tones and flowing arc energies of god's divine plan. The arcs include geomantic instructions, spin set mathematical codes, keys, maps, knowledge, original holographic records of humanity, and holy father truth of the universal laws. To work with this technology, one must be embodied as a Maji Grail King in highest service to humanity; this is the expression of Christos-Sophia embodied in form, as they run their perfected balance together as one.

The pillars have been installed in various locations across the earth to correct the 5D timelines in the planetary grids and to sustain the organic pathway for human ascension. The UK landmass and East coast of America acts as an epicentre of power & support for the pillars through the Maji King-Queen alignments. In the UK the Kingship arcs are emanating their patterning into the rose-grail and diamond heart networks to circulate the energies like a beating heart which is returning the rainbow chalice configurations  for the planet's grail. The heart of the Solar queen is passive as the King father is active in their perfected balance. As the King ushers the laws in the Queen emanates her triple solar goddess returning the heart of the solar queen through the female solar christ to share the word of the logos of the christos-sophia. Together their unified crown, scepter heart, and arc restores the wisdom and knowledge of benevolence, love and the eternal solar flame creator tones. The Pillars of Cosmic Justice are placed to support those whom are given the gift of the representation on the earth of the Universal Laws, to lead and hold the Law of structure in leadership roles through the returning Christos-Sophia.

United Kingdom Holy Trinity Sacred Marriage, Uniting Dragon Lines, & Albion Body

The UK has been a central nest for controller forces whom have been using key areas of hidden grail line architectures to subvert human truth and knowledge. The constellation of Cygnus the swan was heavily reversed through family of michael sodomy rituals conjured by Satanists using Anubis or Set where energies were used to bind and enslave the spine of albion through projections. Negative controllers binding the grids were using the inverted aspects of the belinus line, grail line and rose line to create an unholy trinity upon these dragon lines.  Reptilian spine implants in the grids of the UK perpetuated reversals which meant that the michael or arthurian body could not fully rise to meet and unite with Mary.  Over many years gridworkers in the Christos mission have cleared the reversals held in the Cygnus constellation. These reversed transmissions have been purposed in binding the UK land into gender separation.

In December Guardians worked on the re-unification of the 6d & 7d Dragon lines in the UK body whilst removing implants of the Michael-Mary Turnstile Matrix and Gravitron Beast Machine. This was followed by the installation of a Paliadorian King Dragon King-Queen shield along with the specialised guardian technology of the Rainbow Grail Configurations, and the Kingship arcs which emanate through the Pillar of Cosmic Justice.  This was anchored into the centre of the UK by the Maji grail Kings to support the ongoing architectural repairs in which the planetary ley lines cross over.  The intersection point is now able to unify these ley lines into wholeness, completing the male-female merge of the dragon lines.

This was a guardian celebration in the field as the Paliadorians merged the male and female principles of the leys and the landmass representations into a holy trinity: England-Wales as the masculine or King, Scotland-Ireland as the female or Queen, and the space between in the Irish Sea to Scotland as the child energies of the christos-sophia or the planetary womb fields. This anchoring in the land reveals the next stage guardian host long term project to unite the entire planetary 6th dimensional and 7th dimensional auric layers in the collective consciousness, which have been severely damaged through alien technology and very large implants in the planet known as the beast machine, or the Blank Slating Technology.

The UK hosts the access to the planetary Albion body template of the world soul in which we speak of King Arthur as part of the michael-masculine archetype of the benevolent king;  Mary is more readily accessed in the Scottish landmass as female-mother architecture and energies. As the guardians installed new shielding into the centre of the Albion body in the UK land, the restoration of the grail Kings and Queens unveiled the next stage of activations. The rainbow rounds held in this area have been sequenced and repatterned into refiring of the leys of 6D indigo and 7D violet, now enabled to host the triwave format repairing reversals. The rod and the wings of the planet are undergoing more changes as the mother and father sound tones are being united through the particle to anti-particle integration.

The King and Queen of the Maji continue their rising together, as these archetypes unite they emanate the triple male and female god-goddess codes,  bringing forth the returning wisdom, benevolence, and truths of god in gnostic experience. The aeonic pairing of the families of Christos-Sophia come into form as the new Aeon is returns to the earth. The meek shall inherit the earth as the golden promise of divine creator is restored. 

Remaining centred in the heart, Disclosure Cycle
As we memorialize this point in time on planet earth please stay strong for the next stages of reveal. Many starseeds and indigos continue to hold their 12d hubs throughout the earth which serve as frequency harmonizers.

It is understood that various media deceptions, false flag attempts, military and space rocket technology, human trafficking,  and hidden crimes against humanity may be a part of the reveal on the world stage. The first waves of ascending starseeds and the indigo families have been aware of these covert technologies and the intruders to the planet, and have been preparing to support humanity for the next chapter of collective consciousness evolution. To comprehend the darkness and evil which has infiltrated upon the earth, we must open our eyes to the vast controller structures of society which perpetuate human suffering. Most humans do not understand that there is a war over human consciousness, or that the godforce is a beautiful loving force of ultimate compassion.

In order to heal from the hidden histories of the deceptions through these control structures, we may be called to hold a place of neutral witnessing in support of our families and friends who have not been aware. There may be many strange occurrences and casualties as we go forward where individuals are being pushed to their limits through emotional, mental and physical stressors. The planet heart awakening  for collective soul groups brings a heart activation in consciousness evolution activations. The human heart has been kept in the dark, and as the return of the second coming of christ illuminates all that has been hidden many will face anger, sadness and be given the opportunity to know the truth. The guardians have repeatedly returned to the earth to share the absolute knowledge of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, through their representatives throughout time. Many of these representatives were killed, maimed and mocked for their efforts.

Each human on the earth is a emanation of the one godhead, and this fact has been removed by the alien controllers and constructs placed to hide this knowledge. Religious teachings have been put in place as a control system to divide humans and create hierarcy, never leading to the true god source. We have one creator, all of humanity can reach through their heart to reconnect to the truth and to god to understand that there is nothing to fear when this connection is fully made. As we move through the next stages together, may we realise we are all humans existing on a planet under rehabilitation and any form of violence, separation, warring, hatred, evil or service to self agenda is a direct violation of universal godsource law. Remain open in your heart, ask your connection to godsource to reveal to you the absolute truth. When one knows the truth there is no fear in the face of any revelation. As our planet is shifting into the disclosure timeline it is imperative to understand the practises of crimes against humanity have been enacted on earth for thousands of years. We have the light within the light returning its essence to shine upon the dark spaces of the human shadow. The shadow must be seen and will rise to be obliterated.

We have unprecedented support through the founder creators of the Solar Rishi who weave their loving creation tones back into the earth. We pray that all can find peace and comfort in the Kee-Ra-Sha triunity tones and flames from the heart of creation. May each krystal lotus heart feel with open ears, eyes, and trusting intentions, surrendering all else from your path.

In Cosmic Service with the divine grace and perfect peace of the Cosmic Christos-Sophia,

Mhairi Arayas