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September 2020 Solar Rishic Founder Return

Dear family,

15D Tree of Life, Rishic Founders

In the last few months as the Amethyst Order return to the earth they are contacting their lineages on the earth of violet ray holders, to support the returning of the Holy Father book of the law at the cosmic and universal levels of the creational realms. As part of the guardian host plan for spiritual ascension a 15D tree of life grid was in stages of being templated as a prototype embodiment for starseeds holding a 48 strand emerald order azurite coding. This would act as a host matrix failsafe so that founder guardians could contact their physical incarnates holding the code to support them to build their lightbody into a 15D Rishic Body System, which has now been emerging recently.

At this stage of lightbody development, the kryst-krysthallah double diamond sun of perfected gender patterns unite through the cosmic triad. Together the aeonic pairing within the diamond ball krysthala plasmic mirrorball of light, hold the 14:14 risen rod and staff of the pillar of power and sceptre rod of the cosmic clock of the aeons. They are reunited to the cosmic and universal holy father through the threefold founder flames and are married in holy trinity and embodied as completed threefold flame sound pillars of standing waves inside of time. Prior to this momentus shifting of our universe, the three fold founder flame dimensions were perceived as non-dimensionalised and pre-matter fields of energy in sound pillars which lead into the universal core of all creation. As the founders reclaim their right to return into the creation of which they made, humanity is shifting into another milestone and point of no-return, heralding the end of human enslavement and healing into the godhead for all of the species raceline.

Essentially, this means that the non-dimensionalised time bands of the original founder consciousnesses have become dimensionalised now in time. The three standing waves of the trifold flames of the 13-14-15D godhead become embodied into the christos-sophia gelesiac sound-light body layer and the paliadorian cell (12th sphere holding the personal christ identity of access to and from all merged identities throughout time as a unified christ identity) and there is a permanent shield underneath the feet which is the trifold flame, connecting to the lower shield grounding centre of the completed 360 degree godworlds access and zero point. Above the head can be a solar sun body, or a perception of the 16-17-18D spheres of the 'new' god source fields, or other components of ray frequency set depending on the time vector access location and spiritual lightbody stage of development.

Core of creation, base shield in Holy Father

In the lightbody at the higher heart center, there is a connection to the core of all of creation which allows the consciousness travel into the base shield underneath the feet and this allows access into the godworlds, the creatrix fields and the eternal core of all creation. The godworlds are reached through the embodiment of the sophianic consciousness, and create the eventual access into the eternal light of the 4 creational realms of godworlds.

This has been happening for a few years now, those with a silicate matrix and diamond sun DNA template which would allow access to these levels of 'outside of time' have been able to travel into and out from the time matrix when required. The Diamond sun template is the only template which allows a simultaneous connection of consciousness inside and outside of time, as this is the human divine design which is has been rehabilitated through the guardian host long term projects. As starseeds in this now moment with the trifold flame embodied, it brings access to another ring of fire which is like a solar ring passageway and sits between the 13-14-15D spheres and the 16-17-18D spheres on the universal template of the dimensions. This benediction and blessing has opened up advanced levels of recalibration of the planetary brain, mental body and further connections to Gaia 7D earth expression and families of consciousness, as the Amethyst order families are able to return into form.

As the Holy Father in higher dimensions of pre-matter fields from the 16-17-18D holy lenses of god bring forth new patterns of perfection through the solar rishic planes, our entire universal time matrix is being recoded with the holy father returning the benevolent solar king, to marry with the solar christ feminine queen in returning stages of the amethyst order. This heralds a long awaited healing for the masculine principle, as he can now shed the entirety of the false king of tyranny from his heart and soul, to bare all into the solar light to be his true benevolent solar king expression.


Cosmic Holy Father, Violet Ray Recoding, Crown of Thorns Removal

As the 15D ray has been anchored more onto the earth, through the violet ray holders and amethyst order families, starseeds whom are acupunctre points will be feeling these frequencies here and now, as the rays are becoming more clearer and have been healed of many reversals. Recently, the crown of thorns implants were removed from neighbouring 7D gaia's body, which uses the Jehovian Dove Grid to create installations of crucifixion implants and crown of thorns implants in the planetary 7D brain and violet wave frequencies. Guardians have been removing these frequencies as an ongoing concern, to attempt to create more freedom for the 7d layers and crystal caverns upon the earth, As Michael-Mary wings of the planet continue to be supported as a long term project, the shifts to the ray spectrums coming in are bringing new levels of supportive repair, healing and brainwave pineal gland repatterning.

During stages of lightbody development the 15D ray anchors with the 7D female wing and brings the particle (inside of time) 7D to sacred marriage with the male 15D magenta-violet ray from the (anti-particle) and these merge together in the Rishic embodiment to give rise to the 6D indigo male wing merging with the 13D Mother Blue Ray (anti-particle). These lightbody components and ray frequencies merge in sacred holy trinity to form the triading of the Rishic Sun Founder body, in complete balanced harmony with the universal laws of god, with the christos-sophia returned to the earth.

The inner principles of the pineal, hypothalamus and pituitary gland are merged in male-female 6d-7d mergings and through the indigo ray to violet ray the rod emerges from the lightbody in a completed male-female merge. Newly received transmissions of upgrades to many indigo children upon the earth are raising the waves and activation cycles for future generations of our beloved starseed indigo families to repair their crown centres, aligning more to the andromedan core through the planetary staff.

Holy Father to Son-Daughter

As the holy father returns more fully at this point in the ascension cycle, he restores the hearts of his children upon the earth sharing his benevolent solar light. Females may seek to find the deeper archetypes of the lunar female which became embodied as a dark mother to repel and be a worthy opponent to the false king archetypes which were enforced during the dark aeon, before the true mother and father rays were restored to the earth body. Females may have to seek deeply in their hearts to see where the false king of tyranny became stuck onto the lunar female reversals, forcing them to prove their worth by becoming female warriors, seducers or masters of manipulation. These false identities become installed and bind the female into retaining lunar influences, which perpetuate a continual state of never being equal, understood, loved enough or at-one-with the male; but can be shed to allow the true light of the solar daughter to be at one with the holy father. In men, the light of the father will illuminate the patterns of the false king of tyranny that have cloaked themselves deep in the heart. These are the seeds of inner violence and emotional immaturity, sexual misery and male-female gender wars which must come to an end within the male in so that he can embody and heal the rod to unite with the inner staff mother principle, in healing the crystal heart. To heal one's soul into union with the holy spirit of the holy father, one must come to know that the influences of the inner violence and emotional feelings are allowed to be expressed freely in the masculine. When a man is able to allow his feelings to be felt, and not shunned to the side; he opens up to the holy father and allows the restoration to begin.

The Andromedan trinity hierogamic amplifiers of AquaRose father-daughter, and Aqualeyon mother-son support the healing of the inner gender principles within, in the continual restoration and release of the reversal false parent installations from the lightbody. In increasing waves, the light creates a feedback loop with the godhead through the crystal heart, or thymus higher heart centre and brings restoration of inner sacred marriage in which an absolvement of misunderstandings is released. The solar son-daughter as the christos-sophia is restored through the 14D golden ray, into the 2D gender centre brings forth the true knowledge of the holy parents, building resilience and ultimate comprehension and gnosis of god as a loving parent within the heart. These corrections to the human lightbody gender principle healing, support the releasing of the false embodied identities held within the personality matrix, shedding the archetypal forces which enforced the reversal expressions.

As the inner son-daughter is healing, he or she can 'meet' with the truth, to release all pain body and shadow elements from keeping the soul and mental body bindings in servitude to the false AI god. To heal one's inner son-daughter means to lay all on the alter before god, to see and know the truth within the self.

As humanity is reunited with the holy father and mother together inside, shame, guilt, separation, violence, deception, lies, fighting and warring ceases to exist. Only the purest essence of love is repeatedly embodied into a higher octave of consciousness. He who is at one with god in this way, is restored into wholeness and is freed into the higher expression of knowing and being a pure child of love to emanate the inner and outer expressions as a unified field of trinity. As collective soul groups advance upon the earth, to hold the higher light of truth in their hearts, humanity is restored of its divine right knowing; that there is a god, and god is only love.

Maji Grail Kings & Queens, Restoration of Rainbow Rounds and Universal Records to the Earth

The ameythst order with the Maji Grail kings and queens are restoring the universal tribal shields to the earth and recoding the lands of the earth with the true knowledge of the founders. In the UK recently guardians recovered 11d stargate access which was re-routed out from Niburian access to the organic access of Lyra. This completes part of guardian yeshua and guardian arthur's mission which was infiltrated in the past timelines, as they were unable to restore the planetary connection of the gates in the previous paliadorian christos mission. The stonehenge 11d gate is of prime importance to the negative aliens, as this allowed them to control the crown of the maji 4 royal stars alignment between the planet and the golden gate and silver gate of man. This has been corrected now in the planetary body, to allow the inhabitants of earth to have the potential to move through the organic golden doorway and golden gate of man which becomes a location inside of the lightbody as the male-female genders are repaired. The silver gate passageway to the golden gate is the doorway of an ascending human consciousness in which the christos-sophia is reached through. The 4 royal stars make up the North, South, East and West directions through the crystal cathedral and align into the crown of the maji for consciousness movement in an ascending spiral, to eventually meet with the creator again.

This shift has been a long time coming, since the Black suns Orion group can no longer utilise the same volume of black energy siphoned from the human pain body collective and sexual misery influences which fed the baphomet grids. As the sophianic grids are flowering in continual restoring stages of diamond heart flowers and chalice configurations, the planet's Edenic Coding is restoring itself into new states of wholeness and rejuvenation.

Guardian Arthur and Guardian Guinevere are keepers of the realms tribes of the 11th dimension in which the principle of 11D access and stargate keycodes are here in the United Kingdom. Together they are returning their consciousness to the earth as a part of upholding and restoring the christos-sophia sceptre and pillar of power in the heart of albion. The twinned christ child in the planetary body continues to receive the upgrading architecture and this is slowly restoring the access principle of organic templating, which ensures the spine of albion and the crown of the planet hold the potential for children being born on the earth now, to receive the more corrected human template on which to live upon this earth.

Elemental Restoration

As the violet ray keepers are receiving the updated fire letters and codes of the healed violet ray transmissions, the nature kingdoms are being restored of their blueprints to allow their truthful divine expression. The flowering grids of the sophianic body of the earth, powered by the guardian sophianic shield in the subatomic and atomic layers of the core of earth at 1D and 2D layers continue to influx tri-wave energies from godworlds, which are repatterning the organic elemental matter of the earth. This includes the returning consciousness from Venus, who are returning to earth to help rehabilitate and support the planet earth with the return of the Amethyst Order.

Amethyst Order beings come from the 15d Magenta ray and dimensionalised themselves into form, into the Royal Houses of Lyra and hold tone codes of the father. Many violet amethyst and lilac rays are returning the corrective patterns of the soundwaves and soundtones through the cetaceans, whales and dolphins to the earth in the supportive hosting of the father's laws and sound coding heard in whale call, echolocation and sonar communications. Starseeds who have the violet ray codes also transmit the sound codes and tones to create correctional architecture in the planetary grids, and many have a natural connection and love of nature in communication to the elemental kingdoms, plants and animals on earth.

Universal Shadow Healing

These recent shifts at the universal level in 11D dimensional fields has opened an access to universal shadow and will mean for many of us that the timeline histories come crashing into our reality for which grief, mission failure and past processing of warring timelines is surfacing now. This can feel like a warring between the christ and the anti-christ forces at the universal level, and will mean holding steadfast to your god connection to understand this megiddo battle. Stay observant of the anti-christ opponent, as he may show up as a person, situation or memory within your being. You are being asked to hold your zero point in the heart, which keeps you outside of time and safe from attack or defilement. Only the Christ Consciousness in complete neutral compassionate witnessing will protect you, and the battle will not be fought by force inside of time where anti-christ exists. In all ways, ask god for the spirit of diligence and the spirit of truth to show you the way and let god lead you by the hand through the valley of death and shadows. As you walk through the valley of death, the inner heart matrix and crystal heart core shine the christ light upon all shadows you encounter. Stay vigilant as you perceive these forces, and know that the christ light cannot ever be extinguished.

With love for the families of the cosmic christ,

In loving service, Mhairi ascension community