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This site is an ever expanding reference to energy architecture, experiences and observations on the ascension path, gained from direct interface with energy architecture, and through biological ascension through years of integrating frequencies via meditative practise and interaction with living light intelligence of source consciousness, and the families upholding the support for human ascension known as the group Christ Collectives of Krystal Star Guardians.

We are [ The Alchemy of Ascension]

Ankh Lightbody

Our mission is to work with the Guardian Host as representatives galactic emissaries to support starseeds, indigos, lightworkers and the ascending family to provide context to what has happened here on the earth. Information on this site is an ongoing Project offered as a guidance to spiritual Ascension. Please only take what resonates with your heart and leave all the rest.

In Unified Cooperation we share the common mission goals of the Guardian Host, as brought forth through Lisa Renee of - Lisa's extensive lifelong project and work is documented at [ Lisa Renee]

This Wiki is shared through creative commons, and is a truth resonance of galactic history; obtained through the direct reading of records in the human lightbody, of the dna structure, planetary body gridworking and remote viewing of the collective projects of the Krystal Star Guardian Host. This information is not channeled and is a compilation of our direct consciousness experiences through the ascension cycle.

Please check back for updates as our site is a work in progress continually being updated with ascension related informations.

Understanding Ascension

As a spiritually awakening starseed, indigo or lightworker it is imperative to comprehend that the new age has been hijacked with imposter representatives controlling the narratives from various dimensions as imposter spirits masquerading as the light, whom are controlling the information and creating astral trickery, guru archetypes and blissmasters. In order to ascend in understanding your personal lessons and spiritual initiations from a personal unique blueprint within your energy matrix; it is your task to unravel the deceptions and to free your lightbody and energy field from being used as a dark portal or being caught into false reality fields and consciousness traps. As a natural process and intention to know the truth, the predator mind control which has influenced our planet has to be understood in stages, in order to free one's spiritual bodies and mental body from the density and timelocks put in place. Psychic self defense and right use of your own energy in understanding power abuses, archetypal influences including satanic and luciferian forces is a necessity in order to ascend and heal the patterns of energy or polarity of which you have come here to serve during this ascension cycle. The negative ego can be very difficult for starseeds and indigos to truly understand, as it means a dedication to understanding the contents of one's own heart, behaviour and attitudes. Deep healing and cleansing out of dead energy miasmatic loads, in shedding density through ascension flu with fluctuating energy levels is part of the changing through this cycle.

As you intend to build your auric field into wholeness, various life lessons will present at each stage of your personal growth; and these must be faced in order to synthesise the contents of your energy field into the next higher harmonic in sequential DNA activations throughout your life. The ascension is a long term dedication throughout your incarnation, and throughout many lifetimes in learning how to be the best and most loving human being you can be with ethical human principles and developing unconditional love in restoring the in-dwelling of the house of god, the christ principle inside your human vessel as god intended. Learning what service to self vs service to others means as a golden rule of humanity and to not bypass the difficult life lessons by reaching for rose tinted glasses to not look at negativity, or darkness as this leaves a person in dark ignorance only willing to see or know one half of the equation. Humanity has suffered extreme levels of interferences, broken planetary grid networks and many heinous levels of hidden controlling forces. In order to know this truth, and to reveal the absolute truths of our creation, our creators and our actual planetary age and histories which have been destroyed and wiped from the planetary brain, building your ascending lightbody to align only and fully and totally with the spirits of Christ, The Cosmic Intelligence of the angelic human racelines and the human body, in restoring this truth unto you.

There are no shortcuts. Our planet and human collective fields are undergoing massive shifts and changes. Are you willing to know what has been hidden from view in order to know the absolute loving benevolence as the divine right of all of humanity? These self-assessments will come as inner questions to the spiritual truthseeker, on the path to understanding human ascension as a starseed, indigo or lightworker person with a loving and willing heart restoring human nature as a natural expression through your self.

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