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I have recently been considering eyes, sight, vision and the formation of meaning.
This idea of the lens means we are refracting or reflecting part of that light.
This is often described as primastic distortions from materials or a result of “biological limitations.”
Now I don’t intend to share my beliefs or assessments I only want to share a bit of contemplation.


We could say the neutral view means there is no distortion created because the internal components that create “non-biological” refraction or reflection are internal wounds.
The areas we have wounds also contain damaged genetics among other thins and neurological networks joined to these networks which are activated in specific contexts, or state-dependent cascades. 

In our community we can talk about this as being triggered. Being triggered means something we have taken in (an idea, thought, or image of us (along with the psychic or metaphysical energies)). This composite has hit into a vulnerability such as trust, distrust for authority, anger at being told what to do, slander, etc. The rays if you will have converged to cause harm, this is in part, a chain reaction we have to get used to diffusing because negative consciousness forms or entities will without fail send AI waves of directed lower dimensional energy at the planet with the intent to harm, moreover these forces will also strike at each of us from within our own friend groups, relationships, or among the ES members. This is a triangulation because most people do not respond to unfamiliar energy, but people will respond to familiar energy therefore although it is more difficult to incite people against one another than to simply send silent subliminal or other psychotronic weaponry with frequencies of hatred, fear, survival, doom and the like. These are actually normally more benign to us because they are more foreign.

The knowledge of this has been extensively covered by Lisa throughout numerous victim victimizer posts. And yet there are still acts of violence in some members. There are also people who inevitably jump on and support the action of fault finding or searching for reasons to attack someone rather than stepping aside and working on realizing what is actually driving the behavior the person is involved with. The behavioral archetypal patterns are Chaos-disruptor, silent enemy, aggressor, false friend, hero savior, orphan complex, seducer, false righteousness, false security, & false parent. These are a kind of mental and emotional imbalance which can easily become a sickness which is communicable or transmitted especially in vulnerable or compromised states.

The consciousness energies beneath these, for those who learn to see them, are usually black goo, astral goo, black cubes, red cubes, or black subtle force accumulations which may first just look like shadows or feel like dense or dark spots in the aura or energy field. Now entities that vibrate in resonance to these lower frequencies may also create additional problems because they feed of and need this energy. Those these forces will try to lie to you in any way that disempowers or sows self-doubt. Even if they are present and you can see them it is usually much more important to clean up the mess you have been guided to witness which is more toward the root of the problem. The entities though will fight for your attention and they will do this through people who are unaware these forces are connected to or working through them or at times they may directly slander threaten or try to intimidate you. It is much more probably though that this kind of aggression will occur in an altered state or at night time where the solar energy is no longer serving to buffer the field as it does in daytime.

Our beliefs are the structures that hold aspects of dissonance which when we are wounded can become inflamed into an energetic abrasion, a hole, or a portal where then we may become even more uncomfortable or outright attacked without end by entities. If this is the case the cause is generally what I have described. There are also more detrimental stages but most people lack the skill to accurately assess these things and generally assume there is a possession or partial possession.

First and foremost we must begin to understand that our beliefs are like lenses stacked on top of lenses that bend the incoming light into habituated circuiting. This is a way that our consciousness can streamline our experience but it can also be a way in which we may be unconsciously involved in reinforcing beliefs that are actually not true or partial truths mixed in with limiting thoughts, delusions, magical thinking, of falsity.

Now people tend to house a plethora of levels and layers and do not commonly share much of contents of their consciousness. We don’t really want to evoke the conditions or contexts that trigger people into a lowest expression of who they are or a negative form. Still though many people unknowingly make mental constructs which contain information and beliefs that this person is bad or wrong or etc. These labels are polarity based, they are perspectives which might be “fact” or “true” or “right” but they only carry these connotations when the perceiver is not aware that these are judgments based upon learned systems. None of which are resonant or aligned to the Law of One, which is also a non-judgmental or neutral state where no one is judged for their behaviors because that person has ceased participation in conditional love for themselves, when this is healed, we realize we do not have to judge others to be safe, nor do we need anything from them, nor would we want to add onto them any burden greater than that which has already been perpetuated without their desire, interest, intent and so on.

Conditions are programs that have been learned which set ourselves from accepting who we are and experiencing unity with the creator, as such these are all ways in which our consciousness has been manipulated or forced into participation with beliefs about god that are false and as such they exist as a form of separation within us that also shows us if we look at them how we are still entangled in or with forces we actually wish we could be rid of. This is how the person next to you feels, and it is up to each of us to remember that and we our brothers or sisters keeper by not blaming them, not castigating or persecuting them for any reason.

This does not mean we support poor attitudes it does however mean we do not return to them the pain they have or are creating whether it is known or not. Most of the time issues aren’t really about them if they are the cause of pain it is most likely that it is arriving from a misunderstanding that they have about you or your behavior and when people are in imbalanced states they are very poor listeners. Some people have difficultly in letting go of conflict which is often linked to redemptive vehicle contracts in the past, a hero savior complex, or self righteousness. Let me tell you it is better to walk away and live free and happy then enter and dialogue with an intent to be crowned right. Being right is vastly less important than being kind, and this is the measure of a wise person. It is not intelligence but kindness that reveals the true understanding that has emerged in a person.

Thus may all people endeavor to practice the golden rule, to be kind, to learn again what kindness can be if there is no judgment, no conditional scale of measurement, no superior inferior overlay, just pure unindoctrinated goodness stemming form the deep roots of well-0being. A personally developed state of alignment with one’s own truth and with god.
Remember that just like our eyes when they become locked in a particular phase or distance our eyesight weakens and we lose clarity over time. This is also true with our psychology when we are rigid we lose the capacity for compassion, feeling, ease, relaxation, and pretty much everything else that is good. Still many people with big hearts accidentally can become like Atlas holding the world together or at bay or both unable to just let go. For these people or for people in such states I truly understand it, there is great relief available for free from god with any act of genuine trust or faith. It is easy and it isn’t easy. The core fears are usually at work linked to traumas of the past for these individuals thus they are more easily reactive or triggered. I have great compassion for such states and people who find themselves in this almost as if playing the role. The tensions can only subside when the choice has been made to drop the conditions, to be your own best friend in spite of the narratives that operate under the surface telling them silently they need to do or be more or are otherwise not good enough safe enough whole enough etc.

May you be a friend to such hurt seeing it for what it is. This beloved person did not invite a parent or being to intimidate or bombard them but it does sometimes happen. When we can see past the importance or our own narratives or self image(s) we can serve to in great capacity to heal, whether that is an iota or a mountain of realms the choice is our to let the heart guide the action that follows is Source itself. When you know this you learn to get out of the way so the universal energy, so God, can co-create with you without filters or lenses as tools become less and and less necessary or useful. So it goes on our partly together path to the ongoing unfolding of Source
May we together hold the space of healing
To bring balance to ourselves
To bring peace to our pasts
To bring purity to being
So we may reawaken without the darkened lenses
Otherwise occasionally active.

May the focal point be on the feeling
rather than the image/idea

May you learn to re-see
from the unlensed curvature of the heart