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Solomon Shield

Recent themes surfacing at this time have included further Emerald Ray Holy Father energy corrections, as the planet receives support for the divine masculine rod function, through the holy father cosmic monad which is coming online in connection stages in the planetary body, with the 2D grual points receiving corrections and ongoing guardian repairs. A guardian host buffer field to support with this healing is the Solomon shield. The Solomon shield is a guardian host technology which supports the healing of the masculine horizontal rod function essence, in order to return the laws of the rightful truthful loving masculine energy to be expressed (repaired and returned for planet body) and through the physical human body vehicle this lifetime.

We may have been noticing patterns of behaviour that occur in relation with males in our lives, and the releasing of negative ego traits associated with the behavioural interplay which has infiltrated those interactions. As we each return our life experience into a more loving recognition of the inner masculine essences within ourselves, and within males and females on the planet may we each remember and experience the loving vital essence that is the divine holy father emanation. A christ principle of creation, which belongs to each human being as divine birth right.

Part of the Guardian Christ Forces mission is to unify the masculine and feminine energies on earth and beyond, inside of our diamond sun template and in the micro life experience into the macro - universal levels of our existences. This can happen in stages as we dedicate our lives to continue in the perpetual building of the diamond sun body (universal 12 tree grid) and connection to the trinity wave of godsource. For each of us, this may come via different life lessons, patterns of learning in order to unify and transmute that which has appeared in our day to day life patterns as a 'wounding' or pattern of observation. At this time the planetary body is going through stages of wing building or masculine/feminine merkabic availability, in the repair of 6d Michael masculine and 7d Mary feminine planetary energy fields and connections. Many guardian teams are supporting these shifts, as the healing of wings allows further stages of inner masculine-feminine principle healing to take place at this time. For each of us, we will note shifts as per our individual personal ascension plan and inner relationship with source. This may also be referred to as heart twinning and is a lightbody shift that allows the re-uniting of levels of rod and staff in the principles of inner sacred union or marriage of gender opposites.

Historical Galactic Info on Father energies; still present on earth today

On earth, we have been subjected to false architecture which has perpetuated the controlling systems through cycles of patriarchal domination. This has meant that when coming into a body on earth, this false system has been placed in the architecture of the human lightbody as part of the negative ego construct. Starseeds contain the templating which contains the correct father energies, the loving, benevolent kind-hearted and eternally secure and safe masculine emanation. Many have come to earth in order to live and express some of the more negative father behaviours (controlling, domination, fear based direction) in order to see what must be broken down, to be freed of the false lens of the false architecture, and heal the heart space from the same. It is in the experiencing and witnessing of these behavioural traits being expressed through a physical body which allows us to transmute and remove the lived in experience of these emotions, projections and characteristics. Which, in turn, allow the true masculine loving, benevolent kind-hearted safe and secure essence to be the primary characteristic to shine out from the life experience and live in harmony with the feminine inside and outside.

When considering this information, please know that this affects men and women of earth because we each contain the feminine and masculine principles and are expressions of both simultaneously.

Understanding the False King, False or Reversal Father Energy; Patriarchal Domination-Wounded Male

In order to identify the false father energies, it is helpful to know how this can manifest in day to day exchanges with others in life. This is also a key to understand our own inner awareness of how these programs have affected humanity, and the way in which we can seek to heal and be released from them; as we allow the truthful holy father ray frequencies to come into the body, through the connections we have on our internal heart space. It is imperative that we do not judge or punish others for their behavioural choices, and yet when we can see them for the false programs that they are; we can rise above this and apply unconditional loving to all situations. This does not mean we become a doormat or tolerate the unacceptable behaviour from others. When we feel aggrieved or hurt by another's behaviour we can call it out and witness what is being intended in the moment. We can use all perceived behaviours as ways to analyse ourselves, and to shape our own behaviours into refined expressions of more loving, heart based creations. To be the change we wish to see in the world.

Men (and women) have been wounded by receiving the programs of the reversal father energies; which seek to control, dominate and in extreme cases use violence or force as a means of control and/or defence mechanism. Men have been taught that in order to be a 'man' various different belief systems or behavioural traits must be adhered to, and in some cases, is a direct perpetuation from the role models that we have had as men on earth. Sometimes it has been easier to act as we have witnessed rather than to bring forward our true inner spiritual heart based selves, as we forge through the terrain of becoming a role model for others; in the face of adversity.

True holy father expressions of divine masculine do exist on this earth, but the healing that is required in order to allow that expression to fully blossom requires a loving presence or real life role model examples of true loving feminine and true loving masculine essence to support the healing of both men and women on this earth return their expressions of source to a natural harmonic in effortless being.

When we are aligned to our inner purpose and connections to our source, this process will be revealed organically and things may show up in order to highlight which parts of self still have to be transmuted into letting go of the old expression or behavioural pattern that was attached into the negative ego, being false father or false mother. 

This energy archetype is referred to as false king energy or reversal/distorted father. It is named as such because the true father energies which exist as part of the cosmic holy trinity do not contain any of those controlling or painful violent woundings. 

True holy father energies are ultimate loving, transparent and feel extremely safe and secure. As we reunite each our individual selves to the holy father, we begin to feel the safety and security in the root centres of the body, and we can feel held and safe to allow ourselves to know that we do not have to feel like we have to 'control' or 'demand' in order to achieve our needs being met. We may have to reveal to ourselves, through meditation or self enquiry where the wounds from men, or masculine have impacted our own life experience in order to feel the deeper levels of love frequency from the cosmic holy father.

The issue we have had on earth is that the dynamic that has been playing out between masculine and feminine, or males and females is one of 'keeping us separate' from each other, or 'competing against each other' or 'defined in roles of woman is in servitude to the man who always knows better' or 'female forceful warrior vs male forceful warrior'. There are many scenarios in which the masculine feminine energies have been put as opposition forces to each other, instead of unifying in divine grace together, which, allows the inner neutral compassion to come online and be harmonious.

The gender principles of these false energies has been set as reversal architecture (identified by behaviour patterns and choices) and starseeds contain the corrective patterning in order to embody and become the outward expression of the correct, divine, loving being of both male and female, and are proto-typing these embodiments on earth through inner sacred unioning as the alchemical perfected marriage within (male-female balance in neutral trinity) or with a partner as a union to hold the templates of perfected female-male balance in divine partnerships.

In order to heal our inner masculine, in a female biology or a male biology, we must be willing to face the patterns of insight that appear to us, to move through the inner unhealed shadow around what the "masculine" truly represents. On our earth, the masculine principle has been installed with negative controller predator mind programming, which has no option but to play out violence, control, money-seeking as power, and to have control over others. As the true holy father is reclaiming more of his body, to extract the lunar force installations of falsities; humanity will be presented with a crossroads or choice, in which the heart and soul will be required to take stock of the life path and the qualities of which have been embodied thus far. To extract the lunar force, we must look to the heart, to understand the mental body constructs and mind control which keep the pain, shadow and inner violence-control principles in place. 

We can understand the benevolent King archtype energies when we understand that the way men have been portrayed on the earth, have kept false king of tyranny control and fear in place, which has shut down the heart complex of many men on the earth. For this programming keeps a fight sequence in place within the inner mind and mental body complex, which splits the heart from the mind. 


Excerpted from June 2018 Father Healing - Rod Repair, Dismantling False King