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'Healing' the Selfis to initiateGod-Source Embodiment

If we can understand that there have been [negative ego programs] installed into the planetary body, and within the human lightbody context; we each hold patterns of those and these can shape the lens of our lives as we live them. Some people may call these karmic influences. Not all of them are karmic. We see these forces of energy patterns run in the wider global context on the day to day. We see these forces run in ourselves and family members. We could call these Archetypal influences, of positive, negative and neutral association. Many of us are here in bodies right now in order to support the removal of these energies, or removal of our lightbody from being impacted by these energies. To support the building of planetary architecture and our own personal connections into the godhead. Essentially it means that we are all here to share our ascension experiences for those who come behind us, and awake one morning to the knowing that there is a bigger purpose in life.

In spiritual awakening phases, for those on the ascension plan there may be contact from cosmic forces, attacks from invisible energies, and thought streams that attempt to cause harm and destruction/doubt inside the mind. This can cause fear, imbalance and yet more fear. Many spiritual teachings do not address this side of the energetic terrain, as some spiritual teachings are not aware that the forces of negativity exist as they do. Anything that seeks to inflict pain suffering or trauma is not connected directly to god, because, when we are – none of that exists in human intention. Regardless of what it looks like out there in the global landscape. It is always worse when we cannot see the negativity at play, for then we do not realise that there is something else in the mix. Starseeds on the path at this time may come to this knowledge like a short sharp pain in the side that leaves us bewildered and feeling fearful. There is no need to fear these forces in any way. There is, however, a learning curve in the understanding the nature of what we are all here to support, or do.

That which is hidden cannot be allowed to fester and create further pain or suffering within us. It is in the realisation that a multitude of forces exist that we may address the cause, the behaviour and the affect on our energy. We can begin to ‘free’ ourselves from these energy forces. We have the ability to do that with intended dedication to be shown the way. We can begin to take command over our own energy and direct our consciousness for the highest outcome or win-win for all. Many of the great sages and spiritual teachers spoke of great darkness, to be overcome. They also may have spoken about becoming free, enlightened and knowing themselves as god in all ways. This is part of becoming god, sovereign and free. There are many ways in which to describe this, and it may be seen to be trying to be a more heart based human, in all ways that we can be. To be trustworthy, truthful and open to change. To discern connection to inner knowing, and use that as the only compass to life.


When we are peace, Source flows through us, as us

Within our omnilov3 group space here, we are guided to provide a level of support for individuals who seek to know themselves more deeply, to support that embodiment process and to come to understandings about how that may be experienced from an individual perspective. Through the seeking on the internal connection (meditative practise) we can each be shown in perfect context what is right for us to know or understand in that moment. It is personal on the internal of our awareness so that we come to know our intuitive guidance in every moment. We share context here of conscious coding artwork, which is formed from many many multiple layers of texturing, and sacred livinglight code krystic geometries. It might be that one day you feel guided to look at a particular piece of artwork here and find that your energy field clears and resets itself back to a more balanced sense of peacefulness. Or to be drawn to participate in the group meditative medicine spaces to aid you in your own process of freeing yourself. We are all journeying into the knowing god source as part of ourselves, in ever deepening senses and knowing intimately that source is here now. Always. We are all connected to source, but knowing and feeling that in every moment; is life changing, and is a potential that each person has.

In our meditative spaces we use word commands or descriptions in order to ‘say’ out loud, or provide a label identification or context to what the energetic recognition is. Then, the intent and direction of christ or krystic consciousness in order to dismantle or remove the energetic negative impact from having an effect. We could generalize this and say that we are each able to begin to recognise these different types of blocks when we are working with the intention of removing them. The guardian host teams support us in the achieving of this in order to experience more energetic freedom, in alignment with our each individual path of ascension. Energies which are blocking us from knowing god source can be identified and felt in the energy bodies, it is when we don’t know that they are there – we cannot feel or know source in the most optimised way. This is part of the removing of negative, reversal, implanted or lower energetic densities from the lightbody, aura, mind and multidimensional expressions; allowing a space in which to be filled in with our own higher expressions and love-light filling up the body mind and heart. This brings us closer to knowing and sensing and feeling god source energies on a more permanent basis.

This is part of our aim here. For each person to understand that there may be unhealed trauma within the lightbody through multiple cosmic timecycles, in this current body or within the multiple stations of self out there in the time matrix. We each can support ourselves by firstly identifying patterns of response, triggers or behaviour that we would like to alter in our lives, that we feel would ‘free’ us to feel more – happy, free, loved, supported, or something different. Each person has different ideas of what freedom may mean or look like to them. Essentially, this is clearing of the negative ego – those patterns that bind us into not feeling free, content or peaceful.

For time immemorial spiritual information has been kept in mystery school teachings, hidden or filled with disinformation. We each must discern what is most supportive to us as individuals and not get caught in the holding on to any narrative, story, timeline or belief. Yet, the unhealed aspects of ourselves which may lay dormant or up front have to be addressed in order to change the experience our consciousness has this lifetime and beyond. Coming to know that there is no fast route, no quick hit gratification on this path will allow the journey to unfold in an increasingly more peaceful way. We believe that each person has the right to understand and know how to heal the self, dismantle the chains of the negative ego in order to feel more love, unity and heartfelt peace this lifetime.