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Individual energy healing therapy sessionworks are on hold at this time, and all individuals are being directed to the group field of the Omnilov3 container to obtain a wide range of support tools, clearing meditations and a members forum space where we share and interact to provide ascension related content.

Each month a  live broadcast Q&A is held for the group discussing planetary ascension themes, ascending timeline, energetic impacts and offer advanced meditation treatments to support each member.

Our members are learning how to become self-healers, using the clearing tools, emotional and negative ego clearing perspectives. In order to restore the lightbody into personal integrity and sovereignty a dedication to spiritual practise is suggested. Learning psychic self defense, self-clearing energetic auric field building tools, can be used very effectively as a means to gain balance, emotional healing, mental body healing and bring deeper understandings to the spiritual awakenings and activations that are occurring on the earth now.

We aim to re-educate individuals into understanding best energy usages, energetic self-mastery, for energy practitioners, therapists, massage, hynoptherapists, healers, etheric surgeons, reiki practitioners, reiki masters, lightworkers, awakening starseeds or indigos or those having consciousness experiences that cannot be understood very easily. 

At this time upon our earth the human spiritual awakening is affecting the masses who do not have proper context to what is happening.


Energy Healing w/Mhairi

Galactic Heart Healing (HGS)

Mhairi is an experienced energy healer providing multidimensional implant removal, attachment removal, soul retrieval, slightbody repair, soul-consciousness unit and spiritual body part retrieval, demonic eviction (addictions and pain are often caused by demonic attachments), recalibration and alignment utilising Guardian Consciousness toolsets of advanced etheric surgery of hieros gamos system hgs.

Mhairi provides context on emotional healing patterns, emotional self-management, understanding traumatic experiences related to spiritual awakenings or fundamental belief system changes due to finding more meaning to life and feeling god, starseed mission strands, and information to support you on your own spiritual path, in alignment with your higher consciousness and evolution support teams. Sessions are around 90 minutes in energy-time total which includes an initial skype connection allowing the energy work to be facilitated offline and sent via mp3 supporting your integration.

If you are having issues with seeing or being harrassed by entities or negative aliens  interference/demons and dark forces whilst seeing alternate realities/mind looping negative thoughts/voices, please use THIS resource firstly. States of fear and panic make things much worse, do things to calm your body down.

Contact via Contact Form to allow Mhairi to contact with you with potential connection times and further details. £135


Energy Healing w/Sequoia

Multidimensional Healing

Sequoia is an experienced energy healer providing lightbody attunements, implant removal, higher dimensional recoding, recalibration, and alignment. This is a shared meditative space involving a live multidimensional body scan and the application of Guardian consciousness healing techniques.

Hieros Gamos advanced healing. A soft introduction via Skype sometimes dovetailing into perceptual and informational support which is followed by the shared meditative healing session which is up to 1 hour - 90 minutes in total energy-time. Recorded sessions are emailed afterward for further integration.

Contact via Contact Form to allow Sequoia to provide times-dates £135


Spiritual Consultation

Gain supportive perspectives to increase your understanding of the spiritual ascension process upon the earth. This service is not a providing of suggested actions or specific answers for life situations. Our aim is to empower you to know yourself more confidently for your own life, so that you can decide things for yourself. We will not make a decision for you and tell you what to do - this can be considered as a form of spiritual betrayal and deception tactic in which would take your personal power away from you.

In obtaining full clarity and responsibility in our lives, each of us must come to know and feel our own personal self-determination and take actions upon our own feelings and emotions when it is felt in peaceful aligment and inner truth. 

Support, witnessing and guidance for you to open your heart into new layers of yourself; the power inside to expand into more understanding of your own life path. A safe and non-judgemental space which is suitable for discussions of all forms of emotional/fears/energy crisis/reality perception shifts. The current ascension plan on earth, support to understand the role of self inquiry & meditation. Spiritual Emergency, general guidance on current life thematics, or for additional support around the understandings about interactions with entities, spiritual attachments, demonic interference and how you can take steps to manage and understand that for yourself. 

As more humans are awakening into their soul matrix layers, the unseen becomes seen such as dead loved ones, entities, demonics, darknesses and various other lifeforms which exist in the higher dimensional bandwidths. This is a normal natural activation for an ascending human and has been misunderstood upon the earth and labelled in some cases as paranormal, spooky, mentally ill or other terms. Seeing and experiencing other realities including telepathy and communication from other realms becomes normal to an ascending starseed on the earth but can be fraught with psychic attacks and realisations of the reality you sequentially access in changes to the planetary lightbody which is in stages of plasmic solar light transmissions from the higher sun bodies and into our solar system. 

85GBP per hour