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I am this
A multidimensional rainbow spectral waveform
one with a multidimensional rainbow spectrum

of infinite intelligence

existing as a particle emanation of crystalized sound-light

materializing my own unified expression from the cosmic creator fields of godworlds and sunstars

That are at one with eternal oneness

I am solar
Born of the sun, at one with the fabric, fibers, and energy of multiple universes
here now to remember the spiraling divinity of my self that is also this self 
a human, a person

with a rich narrative 
that is a bead, a gem within the collective heart of God
as another strand of that light and life

I am free, I am sovereign, I am me


I See,
these crystal words-

this burst
of spiritualized

Although arising from true
Affirmation is also, at times, trying to be more
Trying to uphold the positive, the buoyant, the bright

Instead, it is the act of humbly being,
Standing peacefully,
That more throughly dissolves the night
The shadow, the ego!

To be and embody what arises
Without recalcitrance, worry, over thinking or passive waiting
For more, better, different

Just and only ever 

An acceptance without a period
A sentence that isn’t written
It is lived
In fullness

Without a guide or witnessdaughtersunship